Tips for winter maintenance of air compressor

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Tips for winter maintenance of air compressor

December 11
09:58 2023

Machine Room

If conditions permit, it is recommended to place the air compressor indoors. This will not only prevent the temperature from being too low, but also improve the air quality at the air compressor inlet.

Daily Operation After Air Compressor Shutdown

After shutting down in winter, please pay attention to venting all air, sewage, and water, and venting the water, gas, and oil in various pipes and gas bags. This is because the temperature is relatively high when the unit is working in winter. After shutdown, due to the low outside temperature, a large amount of condensed water will be generated after the air is cooled. There are lots of water in control pipes, inter-coolers and air bags, which can easily cause the bulging and cracking, and other hidden dangers.

 Daily Operation When Air Compressor Start-up

The biggest influence on air compressor operation in winter is the drop in temperature, which increases the viscosity of the air compressor lubricating oil, making it difficult to start the air compressor after it has been shut down for a period of time.

whole set of air compressor


Take some thermal insulation measures to increase the temperature in the air compressor room, and control the flow of circulating water to 1/3 of the original to reduce the cooling effect of the oil cooler to ensure that the oil temperature is not too low. Rotate the pulley 4 to 5 times before starting the air compressor every morning. The temperature of the lubricating oil will naturally rise through mechanical friction.

1.Increased water content in lubricating oil

Cold weather will increase the water content in the lubricating oil and affect the service life of the lubricating oil. Therefore, it is recommended that users shorten the replacement cycle appropriately. It is recommended to use the lubricating oil provided by the original manufacturer for maintenance.

2.Replace oil filter in time

For machines that have been shut down for a long time or the oil filter has been used for a long time, it is recommended to replace the oil filter before starting the machine to prevent the viscosity of the oil from reducing the ability to penetrate the oil filter when it is first started, resulting in insufficient oil supply to the body and causing the body to become hot instantly when starting.

3.Air-end lubrication

Before starting the machine, you can add some lubricating oil to the air end. After powering off the equipment, turn the main engine coupling by hand. It should rotate flexibly. For machines that are difficult to turn, please do not blindly start the machine. We should check whether the machine body or motor is faulty and whether the lubricating oil is in good condition. If there is a sticky failure, etc., the machine can be turned on only after troubleshooting.

4.Ensure the lubricating oil temperature before starting the machine

Before starting the air compressor, make sure that the oil temperature is not lower than 2 degrees. If the temperature is too low, please use a heating device to heat the oil and air barrel and the main unit.

5.Check oil level and condensate

Check that the oil level is in the normal position, check that all condensate water discharge ports are closed (should be opened during long-term shutdown), the water-cooled unit should also check whether the cooling water discharge port is closed (this valve should be opened during long-term shutdown).

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