ISBNdirect Launches New ISBN Service, Making Self-Publishing Easier and More Affordable Than Ever

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ISBNdirect Launches New ISBN Service, Making Self-Publishing Easier and More Affordable Than Ever

December 01
20:03 2023
ISBNdirect’s New Service: Empowering Authors in Self-Publishing Success.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of self-publishing, authors confront the challenge of distinguishing their books amid an ever-expanding market. An ISBN is critical for elevating a book’s visibility and credibility. ISBNdirect, a leading figure in the field, proudly unveils its latest offering: the ISBN Service for Authors. This groundbreaking service delivers an efficient, reliable, cost-effective ISBN solution tailored to independent authors. By eliminating paperwork and waiting times, this service enables authors to acquire an ISBN in minutes, streamlining the self-publishing journey.

“We are thrilled to introduce our revolutionary service,” states Guy Rinzema of ISBNdirect. “This advancement will significantly simplify self-publishing while rendering it more affordable for new and seasoned authors.” For just $19 per ISBN, the package includes a 13-digit ISBN issued by Bowker, a Bookwire Profile, Barcodes in PNG, JPG, or PDF formats, 100% Royalties and Copyrights, and access to a self-service portal equipped with AI-enabled tools. “Your work will undoubtedly stand out,” Rinzema adds.

The newly launched service caters to authors’ needs, featuring a user-friendly portal that places them firmly in control. Authors can swiftly acquire ISBNs, assign them, and effortlessly manage their inventory—all through the convenience of the ISBNdirect platform, accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.

ISBN Service for Authors Self-Service Portal includes:

All-in-One Book Management: Authors can efficiently oversee all their books through a single, clear dashboard.

Bookwire Profile Management: Authors can seamlessly add their book to the Bowker Bookwire database, expanding its visibility to new readers, distributors, and retailers.

AI-Enabled Tools: Enhance book listings, identify the correct genre, and craft author bios using ISBNdirect’s AI-enabled tools.

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique numeric identifier assigned to books and related products worldwide, crucial in modern publishing. For authors, an ISBN establishes their work as a distinct product, facilitating effective marketing, precise sales tracking, and enhanced discoverability by readers, libraries, and retailers. ISBNs link authors’ works to comprehensive book databases, simplifying potential readers’ access to and purchase of their books.

“One of the primary benefits of having an ISBN is its heightened visibility for your book,” continues Rinzema. “When you assign an ISBN to your work, it becomes part of a global database accessible to libraries, retailers, and online platforms. This significantly increases the chance of your book being discovered by potential readers exploring books within your genre or topic.”


ISBNdirect’s launch of the ISBN Service for Authors marks a pivotal moment in self-publishing, offering a game-changing solution that empowers authors to navigate the publishing landscape quickly and confidently. With its affordable pricing, user-friendly portal, and inclusive features, this service sets a new standard for accessibility and efficiency in obtaining ISBNs. ISBNdirect remains committed to supporting authors on their self-publishing journey, providing not just ISBNs but also the guidance and tools necessary for success.

Join the community of authors benefitting from streamlined ISBN acquisition. For more information, visit

About ISBNdirect:

ISBNdirect streamlines the ISBN registration process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for authors and publishers alike. Beyond providing ISBNs, ISBNdirect is dedicated to the self-publishing success of authors, offering support from expert guidance on industry standards to insights into market trends. Through ISBNdirect’s portal, individuals can purchase ISBNs and manage their book listings in the US ISBN database (Bowker Bookwire), leveraging AI-enabled features to enhance their book’s visibility.

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