Dore Vibe Productions: “The Adventures of Roman Doric” – a sci-fi epic with a message of unity and hope

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Dore Vibe Productions: “The Adventures of Roman Doric” – a sci-fi epic with a message of unity and hope

November 28
21:00 2023

Roman Doric possesses a unique power – the ability to transform darkness into light, activated by music and fueled by dance. His mission is one of unity, a message that resonates with audiences in a world plagued by division and strife. James Dore, the visionary behind this project, emphasizes the need for support to construct this cinematic masterpiece and invites backers to be part of the extraordinary journey to the alien planet Crystolia. 

The Adventures of Roman Doric is not just a film; it’s a message close to home. Through Doric’s story, we explore the power of narratives to inspire change in real life. We invite backers to join us in creating a better world and be part of a thrilling media ecosystem that spans comics, video games, and the big screen.” – Dore Vibe Productions

The story unfolds with an emergency landing on Crystolia, revealing a hidden mine containing oppressed aliens ruled by cruel human overseers. Roman Doric and his diverse team assembled from Earth embark on a daring mission to liberate the planet’s inhabitants and restore freedom to the alien civilization. His commitment to nonviolence sets Doric apart, making this adventure a refreshing take on traditional superhero narratives.

 With the spirit of unity at its core, “The Adventures of Roman Doric” invites backers to join the cause and support the creation of a film that blends the best elements of “Star Wars” and “Jurassic Park.” The film promises action-packed scenes, intense suspense, and breathtaking visual effects that will appeal to audiences of all ages with a passion for sci-fi.

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will receive exciting perks based on their pledged amount, ranging from sheets of stickers and mugs to posters, T-shirts, hoodies, and exclusive bundles. The diverse options allow backers to choose their preferred designs and sizes at the end of the campaign, ensuring a personalized and rewarding experience.

“We wanted to offer backers something special, from Roman Doric-themed merchandise to exclusive bundles. These perks allow us to express our gratitude for the support in bringing this unique project to life.” – Dore Vibe Productions

 Join Dore Vibe Productions on this incredible journey to greatness. Back “The Adventures of Roman Doric” on Kickstarter and be part of a project that goes beyond entertainment, aiming to inspire change and unity. Together, let’s make it our collective journey toward a brighter future. 

To learn more and to support the campaign, please visit Kickstarter.

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