An Enriching and Soulful Odyssey through Country Music – Jesse Boltz and BETA Country Amaze with Authentic Craft

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An Enriching and Soulful Odyssey through Country Music – Jesse Boltz and BETA Country Amaze with Authentic Craft

September 23
13:15 2023
An Enriching and Soulful Odyssey through Country Music - Jesse Boltz and BETA Country Amaze with Authentic Craft
With singles such as “What Difference Does It Make” and “Little Love Thing,” Country prodigies Jesse Boltz and band BETA Country emerge as an inimitable force

Jesse Boltz, also known as Betty Ashmen, debuts onto the stage of artistry with a resonance that echoes through time. With a distinctive fusion of country, heartfelt lyrics, and an undying passion, Jesse Boltz and BETA Country invite you to embark on a musical voyage like no other.

Jesse Boltz’s journey into the world of melodies commenced at a tender age, a mere 8 years old, when the stage beckoned to her with irresistible allure. On that stage, artists like Roy Drusky, David Houston, Cecil Caudill, and Gladys and the Country Ramblers cast their spell on young Jesse’s heart.

The seeds of musical passion sown in 1965 found a fertile ground within her, a spark that would eventually become an eternal flame of creativity. Amidst the tapestry of Jesse Boltz’s musical narrative, “Little Love Thing” stands as a shimmering example of her talent,.

Released in March 2023, this record is more than just a collection of songs; it is a musical embodiment of Jesse’s lifelong journey. “Little Love Thing” is a crystalline expression of his musical evolution, a harmonious fusion of heartfelt vocals and masterful instrumentals.

Jesse Boltz’s artistry isn’t just music; it’s a bridge that connects generations. Her compositions emanate a distinctiveness that defies definition, a quality recognized by John Workman of M&M Music in Vineland, New Jersey.

Jesse’s sound possesses an enigmatic allure, intriguing yet irresistible. Guided by her fans, the artist name “Jesse Boltz” was chosen, embodying the spirit of collaboration that fuels her music.

Forging new harmonies and lasting connections, Jesse Boltz’s musical journey is far from solitary. Collaborations with like-minded artists have enriched her sonic tapestry. Among these collaborators is John Paul Austin, whose resonant bass notes amplify the depths of Jesse’s compositions.

The rhythmic heartbeat of her melodies is skillfully provided by Tony Mascara, owner of the Audio Lab Studio, who wields the drumsticks with passion. Together, they form an ensemble that breathes life into Jesse Boltz’s melodies, both in the studio and on stage.

Complementing the artist is BETA Country, Jesse Boltz’s band, which isn’t just a moniker- but rather, a testament to the unconventional, uncharted territories of sound. With 12 songs already released on various social media platforms, including YouTube, Apple, Pandora, Spotify, and more, Jesse Boltz’s journey is marked by diversity and dedication.

Through her songs, she channels life experiences and emotions, weaving them into melodies that resonate universally. With an upcoming album projected for release on January 5, 2024, the journey of Jesse Boltz and BETA Country promises to be a symphony of melodies that traverse genres and emotions

To explore Jesse Boltz’s captivating musical legacy, connect with her on various platforms, including her website and Facebook under Jesse Boltz! For inquiries, collaborations, and more, she can be reached at 609-579-0202!


Jesse Boltz isn’t just an artist; she’s a conductor of emotions through music. With over 50 years of songwriting experience, her compositions are a mirror to her life’s experiences. Unveiling her soul through melodies, she paints a sonic landscape that invites listeners to join her on this journey.

As the curtain rises on Jesse Boltz’s musical journey, the echoes of her melodies continue to resonate, weaving a narrative that is both uniquely personal and universally relatable.


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