Creating Success, Saving Taxes and Enabling Dreams: Kagabo Consulting LLC

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Creating Success, Saving Taxes and Enabling Dreams: Kagabo Consulting LLC

June 10
01:36 2023

Kagabo Consulting LLC is proud to announce its expansion into the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Funding Program. Founded by entrepreneur Theo Kagabo, Kagabo Consulting was created with the mission of helping individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals through a range of services including entity creation, bookkeeping, payroll, tax returns, and tax planning. With this latest addition to their service offerings, Kagabo Consulting aims to help Americans cut down on one of their largest expenses – taxes – so that they can build their wealth and also pursue their dreams.

Theo’s vision for creating an organization dedicated to helping others reach financial success has come full circle as Kagabo Consulting expands into the ERC funding program. Having grown up in humble beginnings himself, Theo understands how difficult it can be for those from less privileged backgrounds to keep up with the new benchmark for wealth today. That’s why his goal is now twofold; not only does he want people to have access to quality accounting services at affordable prices, but also provide them with guidance on how they can save money when filing taxes each year.

Kagabo Consulting offers personalized advice tailored specifically towards each client’s needs in order to maximize savings while minimizing liabilities or risks associated with paying too much in taxes. Clients can sit down with a knowledgeable team of financial professionals who are well-versed in tax law and understand the ins-and-outs of interest rates, deductions, incentives, and more. In addition to learning how to minimize their taxes each year, clients also learn about filing techniques that may result in future savings as well.

Having achieved a stellar reputation in just 4 years of providing top-notch consulting services, Kagabo Consulting is now focusing on leveraging AI to optimize financial situations of SMEs. ERCFunding.AI, Kagabo Consulting’s sister company, will help businesses maximize returns on their Employee Retention Credit (ERC), which was part of the government’s CARES Act providing up to $26,000 in credit per employee affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.“If ERCFunding.AI can help 100 businesses receive an average credit of $100,000, the firm will put 10 million back into American pockets,” says Theo.

Theo’s journey – from his war-torn native country, Rwanda, to making a name for himself in highly demanding educational and corporate institutions of Canada and the US, to finally starting his entrepreneurial career – has been a lesson in perseverance and a constant defiance of odds. He named his company Kagabo – which means courage – as it translates directly into his core value of providing his clients exactly what they need. After all, it takes courage to ask hard questions, to give hard answers to be able to truly take the risk to change their lives.

Theo has helped over 700 clients and managed to put over 5 million back into his clients’ pockets. With a vision to break new ground and set unprecedented records, Kagabo Consulting is set to 5x its loftiest achievement yet. “Our goal for 2023? Put 25 million dollars back into people’s pockets,” says Theo. Ever the ultimate man of service, he continues, “The reason why this is so critical is because especially right now with a recession looming, people are losing control, losing security, and becoming fearful of the future.”

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