Arshad Azim on establishing trust with institutions through Crescentem

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Arshad Azim on establishing trust with institutions through Crescentem

June 09
21:12 2023

Arshad Azim is the Managing Principal of Crescentem, an alternative investment management firm that specializes in institutional investing and helping institutions align their investment strategy with their core values and investment goals. 

As the Managing Principal  of Crescentem, and with years of experience in the field of institutional investing, Arshad Azim has made developing the core culture of Crescentem an imperative. 

“The decision to provide consulting services to institutional investors as well as investment managers was a considered one,” says Arshad Azim.  

“Our job at Crescentem is to provide guidance towards capital preservation and growth for institutions while concurrently raising significant capital for deserving investment managers,” says Azim. 

He went on to say, “Partaking in the management of hundreds of billions of dollars for institutions as well as guiding capital to emerging investment firms with less than a billion under management presents their own unique challenges,” says Azim. 

At the foundation of it all are culture and core values, something that the team at Crescentem has made a fundamental principle to hone. 

Arshad Azim says culture is critical to success in  investment consulting because it plays a significant role in shaping investment decisions and outcomes, and it’s also important in creating meaningful and long-term relationships. 

The core value underpinning Crescentem is trust, and Arshad Azim believes that trust is a fundamental goal that every investment consulting firm should hold as their number one priority. 

On the Crescentem official website, the company states: “Crescentem was established with the explicit cultural mandate to cultivate relationships between institutional investors and investment managers to engender trust. Our goal is to earn that privilege anew each day and to guard it as a cherished reward. Accomplishment of this cardinal imperative of investing – trust – is the only benchmark we seek to measure our success against.”

“We infallibly represent the best interests of investors at all times.”

Another element that goes hand-in-hand with trust is capital preservation, and the two are intrinsically linked, according to Azim. 

When Crescentem discusses trust, they are referring to trust based on the fact that their no-conflict-of-interest work and acute knowledge results in success for their clients: capital preservation, long-term sustainable growth and an investment strategy that aligns with institutional core values and principles. 

“Capital preservation is the cardinal mandate,” says Azim. 

Part of Crescentem’s skillset is bringing concrete skills to the table to make all that possible. 

One of Crescentem’s core strengths is its ability to source, select and conduct due diligence on distinct alternative investments. 

Arshad Azim explains, “Our approach uses both qualitative and quantitative factors which are considered in tandem with knowledge gleaned from our keen market understanding with over two decades of relationships on both sides of the table.” 

“We are proud of our willingness to take a stand on the greater purpose of investing; the fundamental recognition that – more than making money – investing requires a broad worldview and a profound appreciation of the various points of intersection with society.” 

To learn more about Crescentem’s core imperative culture and how they are promoting a foundation of trust with institutional investors, you can read the full philosophy on their website.

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