Analysis of Case For Centralized Lubrication of hande Centralized

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Analysis of Case For Centralized Lubrication of hande Centralized

June 02
11:00 2023

Centralized lubrication is to lubricate several to dozens of lubrication points at the same time by controlling a pump through the controller. The progressive centralized lubrication system can add grease to the parts that need lubrication in a timely, fixed-point, quantitative and sequential manner. Engineering machinery often has lubrication points: boom cylinder head pin; boom foot pin; boom cylinder cylinder rod end; arm cylinder cylinder head pin; boom and arm connecting pin; arm cylinder rod end; Bucket cylinder cylinder head pin; half rod connecting rod connecting pin; bucket rod, bucket cylinder cylinder rod end; bucket cylinder cylinder head pin; bucket rod connecting rod connecting pin; The chip progressive lubrication system consists of an electric lubrication pump, a chip progressive oil separator, a controller, pipelines and accessories.

The pressure grease delivered by the electric lubrication pump pushes the plunger in the progressive oil separator to make the plunger reciprocate in sequence, and deliver the grease to each lubrication part in a timely, fixed, quantitative and orderly manner. The system is equipped with an oil supply indicator and a blockage alarm device, which can monitor the entire system. The movement of the oil separator can be observed without missing lubrication points. If any point is blocked, the alarm device will send an alarm signal For system maintenance. This system is widely used in construction machinery such as excavators and loaders.

Features of centralized lubrication:

(1) Timing, fixed-point, quantitative and sequential grease filling;

(2) Avoid missing lubrication points by artificial grease;

(3) Accurate lubrication cycle, accurate ration of grease, saving grease and reducing environmental pollution:

(4) The system pressure is high and the grease range is wide:

(5) Compact structure, excellent performance, easy installation, easy inspection and maintenance:

(6) Effective lubrication of equipment parts, increase their service life and reduce maintenance costs:

(7) It has a fault alarm function, and monitors the lubrication system in the whole process:

(8) Save grease and protect the environment.

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