HB Supports MG’s Vaccine Cold Chain

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HB Supports MG’s Vaccine Cold Chain

June 02
10:24 2023
As the largest island in Africa, and a developing country, Madagascar has suffered from infectious diseases for the years.

As the largest island in Africa, and a developing country, Madagascar has suffered from infectious diseases for the years. Plague, measles, malaria, dengue fever and other diseases harms the health of the Madagascan people. The daily average income of some 90% of people in the country is less than two dollars, and it is particularly important to establish a basic guarantee for medical care.

Recently, the U.S. government has purchased 1 million of Haier Biomedical equipment through the US International Development Agency to fund the infrastructure of the national health system of Madagascar. Haier Biomedical brought equipment to Madagascar and assisted the local government to build a comprehensive vaccine cold chain system. This will not only greatly improved the safety of vaccine storage and transportation, but also give more Madagascan children with the opportunity to have vaccination.

Zely RandriaMananantany, the Madagascar Public Health Minister expressed gratitude to this donation and highly evaluated high-quality products provided by Haier Biomedical. It is reported that Madagascar has joined the global immunization plan in 2030, which aims to allow everyone to obtain high-quality vaccines and ensure that everyone’s health is guaranteed.

In this project, the Vaccine Refrigerators are specifically used for vaccines preservation. The temperature can be accurately controlled by the built-in microprocessor to fulfil the strict requirements of the vaccine on temperature. Besides the well-known Vaccine Refrigerators, it also includes multiple Cold Room. The Cold Room of Haier Biomedical suitable for vaccine storage in CDCs, animal epidemic prevention and control centers, hospitals, biopharmaceutical companies and other places. It can meet the needs of one-time storage of a large number of vaccines. Cold Room also has fault self-diagnosis and various active protection functions. It monitors the operating status throughout the process to ensure the safety of stored samples.

As the world’s leading life science and medical innovation digital scenario solution provider, Haier Biomedical always cares about global immunity and health. As of now, Haier Biomedical Vaccine Solutions are found in 78 countries and regions including the “the Belt and Road” initiative. Related technologies serve 45 million children in the world each year, helping low -income countries’ immune vaccination rates increase from 30% in 2015 to 57%. Haier Biomedical supports the development of local public health, but also promotes technological and cultural exchanges and cooperation between different countries. Actively contribute the power of Haier Biomedical for the global medical and health.

At present, Haier Biomedical has established cooperative relationships with more than 40 international organizations. Moving forward, Haier Biomedical will continue to invest, develop, and innovate in life science and medical digital ecosystems for the long-term benefit of global health care. Haier Biomedical does this to help build a community of human health to make life better, through the intelligent protection of life science!

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