With the innovative STAR’S TECH ECO-ST De-Icer, indirect snow removal expenses are cut by 90%

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With the innovative STAR’S TECH ECO-ST De-Icer, indirect snow removal expenses are cut by 90%

January 23
15:50 2023
STAR’S TECH Eco-St De-Icer is setting a standard in the market by providing cost relief with its innovative technology that cuts indirect snow removal expenses by 90%.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – JANUARY 23rd, 2023 – As winter approaches, many people face the challenges of snow removal. Traditional de-icing methods can be costly, both financially and environmentally, and they often leave behind a trail of damage. This is where the innovative ECO-ST De-Icer from STAR’S TECH comes in.

The ECO-ST De-Icer is the world’s first ice melter made with starfish extract, utilizing marine waste in a sustainable and effective way. Its innovative formula minimizes iron corrosion and concrete damage, helping prevent costly repairs and extend infrastructure life. It also reduces the yellowing effect on plants, prevents respiratory illnesses, and protects pets’ paws from burns.

Not only does the ECO-ST De-Icer make snow removal more efficient, but it also helps to reduce indirect costs associated with the process by up to 90%. This includes expenses related to repairing roads, bridges, vehicles, and guard rails that traditional de-icers may damage. 

It is significantly more effective than traditional deicers like sodium chloride and salt brine, and it has been shown to produce up to five times the amount of heat per gram than competing products. The ECO-ST De-Icer has such a high calorific value that it can even start fires with a leaf blower. This means that municipalities can benefit from reduced maintenance and labor costs while still producing excellent results. 

In addition, the ECO-ST De-Icer helps to prevent traffic accidents by providing superior de-icing performance, saving lives, and avoiding costly repairs to infrastructure. Reducing the damage caused by ice and snow buildup on roadways, bridges, and guardrails helps prevent accidents and keep people safe when traveling during the winter months. Traveling can become a hassle when the weather is terrible, especially during the winter when snow and ice conditions can make driving hazardous. As such, having an effective de-icer can make life a lot easier for motorists, allowing them to travel safely without having to worry about the dangers of falling snow or icy road conditions. 

STAR’S TECH is a company driven by a vision to save the environment through renewable bio-waste and upcycling. Its dedication to this vision is evident in all it does. The ECO-ST De-Icer is just one example of the innovative, sustainable solutions the company is committed to creating.

In a world where environmental and financial concerns are increasingly important, the ECO-ST De-Icer offers a solution to the challenges of winter snow removal. Minimizing damages and reducing costs helps to create a better tomorrow for all. STAR’S TECH is proud to offer this innovative product and looks forward to continuing to make a difference in the future.


STAR’S TECH is dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to common problems and positively impacting the world around us. Their vision is to save the environment through renewable bio-waste and upcycling. With their commitment to perfecting this process, they can preserve the global environment and create a better tomorrow for all.

The latest creation, the ECO-ST De-Icer, exemplifies this commitment. By upcycling marine waste in the form of starfish, they have developed an eco-friendly solution that minimizes iron corrosion, substantial damage, and plant damage. This innovative product makes snow removal more efficient but also helps to reduce the financial and environmental costs associated with traditional de-icing methods.

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