Sorry Mom Has Launched A Brand New, Vegan Tattoo Butter For Tattoo Aftercare

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Sorry Mom Has Launched A Brand New, Vegan Tattoo Butter For Tattoo Aftercare

October 26
22:36 2022
For the crucial aftercare of a new tattoo, Sorry Mom has created a vegan, cruelty-free body butter. This ethical company gives the highest quality to ensure every tattoo heals well.

When getting a new tattoo, aftercare is just as important as selecting the right tattoo artist. Tattoos need to heal, and the best way to aid in this process is with a quality lotion to keep skin soft and hydrated. Finding the right lotion can be a challenge, but brand-new vegan body butter from Sorry Mom is making that easy. 

Sorry Mom’s origins

Sorry Mom was founded in 2013 in Denmark by tattoo enthusiasts who wanted to ensure the perfect product for their own aftercare. Now an international brand, they teamed up with an American tattoo artist to perfect the formula of their tattoo aftercare products. 

Their entire line is recommended and used by tattoo artists across the globe with tailor-made formulas, all made with the highest quality in mind. They have recently added to their line the ultimate aftercare item. Vegan tattoo butter is now available for purchase. 

Vegan tattoo butter

This brand-new product from Sorry Mom is the ideal tool for tattoo aftercare. The vegan lotion helps with the healing process by calming and soothing skin, reducing the typical redness that comes with a new tattoo, and keeping skin soft. 

The tattoo butter is loaded with healthy, natural ingredients while still providing a vegan option so animal lovers can feel good about using it. Ingredients like coconut oil and oat oil nourish the healing skin of a tattoo and provide a soothing effect on the itchiness and pain of a new tattoo. 


Sorry Mom wants to ensure all their products provide the best results possible. As tattoo enthusiasts, the founders know just how important aftercare is for long-term tattoo preservation. The new vegan tattoo butter is a great tool for aftercare for the ten days following a new tattoo. It ensures healthy skin for additional tattoo appointments to add on to that new tattoo for second or third sessions to complete it. 

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