KKOKDAM, a notable brand in the growing tea beverage market

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KKOKDAM, a notable brand in the growing tea beverage market

October 26
14:12 2022

Although Tea is one of the oldest industries of human civilization, the global tea market continues to grow. According to a market research institute, the tea market of the world is expected to grow enormously. The global tea market size is projected to reach about 70,000 million by 2027, CAGR of 6.6% from 2020 to 2027.

The tea industry is considering ways to attract the next generation of tea drinkers. As time brings about changes in all aspects of our lives, we can also see major cultural changes and generational trends. At the same time, Tea industries must change, adapt, or grow with the times to maintain a new consumer base. 

KKOKDAM is a young and rising tea brand from South Korea that is rarely seen in the old tea industry. KKOKDAM is also well-known tea brands for its new forms of tea which is called ‘Flower Tea Stick’. KKOKDAM began to be well-known when Flower Tea Stick became popular. KKOKDAM has completed the registration of a design patent of ‘Flower Tea Stick’ by developing a new form of flower tea in the shape of flowers blooming on the stem. Including Flower Tea Stick, KKOKDAM products are attracting consumers as a new type of tea and tea gifts with its beautiful designs. Based on its new and innovative forms of tea, KKOKDAM is appealing to next-generation global tea consumers with handmade flower tea, which was considered only a traditional Asian culture. 

In an interview, KKOKDAM said, ‘According to market analysts, an increase in coffee consumption may jeopardize the growth of the tea market. However, we think the number of people who are tired of caffeine and drink caffeine-free beverages is increasing accordingly. That’s why the tea market outlook is good enough. And we hope tea consumptions for a healthy life will evolve in modern society. Particularly, KKOKDAM’s high-quality flower tea is attracting not only individual consumers’ attention but also various retailers such as coffee shops, tea rooms and gift shops etc. led by our signature menu, flower tea stick.’

KKOKDAM recently opened an official web site and operates various SNS channels for active communications for global consumers. KKOKDAM is considering ways to communicate with new consumers in the next generation, preparing a collaboration with YouTubers and TikTokers as well.

Contact Us: [email protected]

KKOKDAM official mall: www.kkokdam.com

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/kkokdam

Wholesale: https://kkokdam.faire.com/user/sign-up

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kkokdam_global

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Contact Person: YEJOON KIM
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City: Guri
State: Gyeonggi
Country: South Korea
Website: www.kkokdam.com

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