Streamlined Advisory: Helping expats with tax compliance

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Streamlined Advisory: Helping expats with tax compliance

October 26
09:21 2022
Streamlined Advisory shares top things expats need to know about their taxes, from expat tax filing obligations to applying for tax amnesty programs.

At some point, most US expats find themselves on online forums sifting through US tax code information to try to understand the complex requirements. Some people don’t even know they are required to file tax returns when they are an expat. Various online platforms like Reddit have become go-to’s for people who want to understand filing US expat taxes.

Working with a company specializing in expat tax compliance is the best way for people to navigate the complexities of expat tax. Streamlined Advisory, experts in IRS tax amnesty programs, helps simplify tax compliance for US citizens, Green Card and US Visa holders. Streamlined Advisory helps with tax amnesty programs and tax compliance for expats living all over the world. Anyone trying to get caught up on their taxes after returning from living or working abroad, or people who want to file their taxes while living abroad can start their journey with Streamlined Advisory.

The firm was founded by expats Lauren and Jason, who experienced the difficulties of expat tax first-hand. Having lived in Australia and now in the US, the couple banded together to navigate the US tax system. Through this, Lauren realized that many others are struggling with the same things they did and saw an opportunity to help the expat community. Streamlined Advisory was established to help taxpayers get back into compliance using their expert knowledge of IRS tax amnesty programs. 

Before helping expats jump through the tax hoops, Streamlined Advisory first helps people understand their tax obligations. Many people don’t realize the hefty penalties they are subject to for being out of tax compliance for not filing taxes on their worldwide income and assets. For people who didn’t know, Streamlined Advisory helps them come forward to the IRS by applying for astreamlined procedure that will significantly reduce the fines and consequences. The team of experienced CPAs at Streamlined Advisory has helped hundreds of expats navigate their tax situation and become tax compliant. They will prepare or amend your tax returns, draft a compelling letter detailing your case as a candidate for the program, and submit your program application to the IRS.

Besides the voluntary disclosure procedures, Streamlined Advisory offers streamlined domestic and foreign offshore procedures and delinquent international information return submission procedures. Since people can only apply for the tax amnesty program once, as stated in IRS rules, it is important to do it right and make it count. Working with professional expat tax consultants will help prevent errors and guarantee the application’s success.

Streamlined Advisory is also tapping into social media to reach more people and help them understand the ins and outs of expat tax compliance. The founders have come across many subreddits of expats who have no idea where to start. Streamlined Advisory is committed to offering guidance to help expats start their tax compliance journey with the right information as IRS tax compliance and amnesty programs experts.

To book a complimentary discovery call, visit their website or give them a call. 

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