VGPPEX, creating a digital industry benchmark in the pan financial era

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VGPPEX, creating a digital industry benchmark in the pan financial era

October 24
09:52 2022
VGPPEX, creating a digital industry benchmark in the pan financial era

The wave of digital assets has risen, various digital currencies have gained huge profits, and the concept of digital assets has also been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. A new investment platform, VGPPEX, has emerged at the historic moment, building a new pattern of digital finance industry. With the vision of taking users as the core, shareing the benefits of the platform, exploring more secure, stable, low threshold and high application value digital asset transactions, VGPPEX is now creating a new transaction platform for global users in the pan financial era.

VGPPEX is a world-famous crypto digital currency investment service provider and decentralized trading platform. Relying on the rapid rise of its headquarters in Malaysia, VGPPEX has completed the establishment of qualified service teams in Washington, Vienna, Seoul, Dubai, Hong Kong and other regions, providing professional digital asset trading and management services to more than 80 countries, and has won the trust of more than 10 million users.

The rapid rise of VGPPEX can not be separated from the support of technology and capital. With the participation of Fidelity, 3iQ, Tradove, steelit, JPMorgan, IBM and other international well-known companies, VGPPEX not only has a strong technological innovation capability, but also allows VGPPEX’s capital to achieve explosive growth, and also makes it possible for VGPPEX to build an industry benchmark.

VGPPEX also gathers top teams in the industry to provide services, including not only internationally renowned blockchain experts, outstanding international financial personnel, data intelligence scientists, and international operation teams, but also a group of encryption experts to conduct in-depth market research, analysis, investment, and incubation in the encryption industry. In addition, VGPPEX has also set up VGPPEX Ventures, a leading investment department, which focuses on Defi, Game Fi, Web 3.0, infrastructure and other investments. It cooperates closely with portfolio projects throughout the entrepreneurial process to help growing enterprises achieve business value.

As a platform supported by the core technology of blockchain, VGPPEX is committed to providing a fair and transparent trading space, allowing each participant to have free and equal access to digital wealth, without worrying about the reliability of data security and privacy protection, or the integrity and privacy of the order management system.

With the continuous enrichment of transaction forms, the business systems covered by VGPPEX include the super value activity system, quantitative fund product matrix, high-frequency option trading, spot trading, contract trading, leverage trading, DEX, token financing, decentralized lending, etc., ensuring the circulation and trading of users’ digital assets at multiple levels.

VGPPEX will continuously build a digital currency trading platform with low friction and non discrimination in the whole process. We strive to become the industry benchmark, and promote the rapid development of the entire industry!


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