Beauty And Cosmetic Clinic Features State-of-the-art Red Light And Laser Technologies

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Beauty And Cosmetic Clinic Features State-of-the-art Red Light And Laser Technologies

October 20
21:45 2022
Three Points Wellness & Weight Loss Clinic Utilizes Scientifically Proven Methods To Painlessly Reduce Body Fat And Tighten Skin

Three Points is a functional beauty and supervised weight loss clinic operating in Lees Summit, Mo. The clinic is dedicated to providing body contouring and weight loss services that are non-invasive and supervised by qualified medical professionals. It caters to clients of all ages regardless of body type.

The clinic is headed by Dr. Shane Oliverius, a seasoned physician with over twenty-one years of experience.

To ensure safety and quality of results, the facility utilizes advanced methods and equipment. These include cutting-edge red light and laser technology scientifically proven to help remove body fat and tighten skin.

“This non-invasive technology was initially developed by NASA to help with cellular energy and skin elasticity problems created by the anti-gravity effects of space,” explained Dr. Oliverius. He adds, “It has now been conclusively proven that these newest, state-of-the-art red light and laser technologies can dramatically help the body get rid of stubborn pockets of subcutaneous fat (soft, squishy fat) and tighten skin.”

Three Points Wellness & Weight Loss Clinic offers a variety of services from weight loss to skin tightening procedures. Dr. Oliverius and his team guide their clients in choosing the most suitable method according to their physical and economical conditions, preferences, and desired goals. They also educate them on how each service works, ensuring that each client understands the science behind the procedure.

Among the most popular services are The UltraSlim™ and The Ultra Smooth™. These two procedures provide instantaneous weight loss and skin enhancement without the need for surgery.

The UltraSlim™ Cold Light is the first and only non-invasive Red Spectrum Light procedure to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a safe and effective method for fat loss. Categorized as a Risk Group 1 device, it poses no risk and leaves no side effects to the body. According to the Three Points Wellness & Weight Loss Clinic team, clients lose an average of 3.5 inches immediately after the procedure.

For skin improvement, the clinic offers The UltraSmooth™, a procedure that uses a combination of photonic and kinetic energy to trigger a natural cellular response. This method is especially recommended for the treatment of cellulite. Three points uses a proprietary method 5 step method of combining acoustic shockwave and sound frequency treatment in concert with the energy of specific fat loss devices. The synergistic effect of these multiple energies has been heralded as a game changer for both celluite and fat loss.

Another of the clinic’s most advanced FDA cleared fat loss technologies is its Emerald Laser. This newly developed fat loss device is a safe alternative to more common procedures such as liposuction and fat freezing techniques. Moreover, Emerald is the only such device studied and cleared for immediate fat loss in individuals with BMIs greater than 40.

Instead of going under the knife, Emerald Laser™ uses a combination of up to ten individual rotating green lasers so that you can precisily target fat pockets anywhere on your body; these innate energies break down fat cells and safely release them into the bloodstream.

To date, Dr. Shane Oliverius and his team have helped more than five thousand individual clients through their clinical services.

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