Yomigt, a leader in global industrial layout

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Yomigt, a leader in global industrial layout

October 20
21:42 2022

In the global post-epidemic era, all industrial fields are undergoing new changes. With the in-depth development of the new round of science and technology industry, digital transformation has become the general trend. Digital economy takes modern information network as the main carrier, and takes the integration and application of information and communication technology and the digital transformation of all factors as the important driving force, showing unprecedented speed of change, broad and far-reaching radiation range, and deep extension of influence. Various industries, enterprises and platforms are making every effort to promote profound changes in production methods and lifestyles, with a view to becoming the key force to promote the new form and full format of digital economy in the world. During this period, Yomigt Inc, a platform enterprise in the field of digital economy, came into being and moved forward at full speed, and its international influence and competitiveness continued to improve.

Yomigt Inc is a rapidly developing financial services and technology group, founded in 2018, registered in Colorado, USA, and headquartered in New York City. The company has deep financial resources with a total registered capital of 1.8 billion US dollars.

Yomigt’s enterprise advantages. The company now has businesses in the fields of Internet technology development, network infrastructure solution, asset management, supply chain financial services, digital asset services and blockchain-based e-commerce, and is setting up and developing cross-border payment and digital banking; It aims to provide high-quality services in technological finance, digital finance and Internet technology for individual customers and enterprises in different fields around the world through cutting-edge technology, IT services, financial technology and innovative business models.

Yomigt’s technical advantages. In terms of technical services, through cooperation with Yomigt, customers can provide various technical services on the basis of ensuring scalability, accuracy, security and reliability, thus preparing for the long-term development of enterprises.

Yomigt’s business advantages. In financial services, through cooperation with Yomigt, customers can continuously absorb all kinds of resources and talents on a global scale, obtain the core of financial technology innovation, and tap the full potential of modern technology in the commercial field.

Yomigt’s compliance advantages. Yomigt always adheres to the self-binding business principle of complying with international and local laws and regulations, and actively accepts the supervision of relevant business organizations. At present, Yomigt has obtained authorization certificate by submitting foreign entity authorization statement to Colorado Secretary of State, completed online regulatory report, compliance filing and registration, and obtained compliance qualification certificate provided by Colorado Secretary of State’s Office, which is used to indicate company information, such as shareholders, Article of Incorporation, and federal employer identification number (EIN).

As a customer-centered group company, Yomigt is proud of creating continuous new products, software, business models and solutions, supported by asset management, digital financial services and cross-border electronic commerce. In the future, Yomigt will build a cross-disciplinary and cross-regional modern technology and financial service system on a global scale to help global customers achieve business goals and promote wealth appreciation, scale expansion and global layout!

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