FlashFilm Academy Launches a New Series Giving Real Insight on How to Land Clients

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FlashFilm Academy Launches a New Series Giving Real Insight on How to Land Clients

October 20
21:00 2022

FlashFilm Academy offers budding content creators a variety of educational resources for content creators, enabling them to go full-time with their content creation. And now, content creators far and wide have access to FlashFilm Academy’s newest series, Beta Client Connect.

This new series is exclusively for Gold Members and offers expert advice from business owners that answer the questions clients need to know — such as what they value in a content creator, what prices they’re considering, and more! This series is the first of its kind and gives the inside scoop into what content creators really need to offer their clients. This, in turn, allows them to secure a long-term, profitable customer base and grow their personal brand.

About Beta Client Connect

Typically, an online photography course will offer advice on lighting, software, and content aesthetics. However, FlashFilm Academy focuses fully on using a user’s current skill set to build a brand and make a profit.

“Before you even approach a client, you’ll have enough experience to know the best method for initial contact, where to find other business owners like themselves, and what success looks like for them,” said Ty Turner, founder of FlashFilm Academy.

“Beta Client Connect is our new series that features tough questions that help individuals learn how to communicate, approach, and ultimately land big clients. This exclusive series gives our gold members a cutting-edge experience that will help them throughout their entrepreneurship journey.”

Throughout this unique series, users will be introduced to business owners across various industries who let them know exactly what they value in a photographer, videographer, or any other content creator.

What Does Gold Membership Have to Offer?

Our new Beta Client Connect series we’re launching will be a huge benefit for anyone looking to start becoming a full-time content creator. However, we have a few other tried and proven educational tools for content creators that help land large clients and create long-term success, which is included when you get a Gold Membership with FlashFilm Academy.

Gold membership is a must for anyone who wants to boost their income, grow their brand, and become self-employed.

Furthermore, users can learn how to properly price their work and get answers from real industry experts. With weekly mastermind Zoom calls and premium lectures, users can get direct feedback and advice as they learn what will make them stand out against competitors and become successful entrepreneurs.

If users want to experience some of the other great resources FlashFilm Academy offers, they can bundle them to save hundreds of dollars. In this content creator kit, they’ll have access to all three modules, how to create an effective portfolio, a contract and podcast starter back, and one-year Gold Membership. This deal not only helps individuals develop and brand their business but also gives them access to industry secrets and the nitty-gritty of contract-making.

Helping Content Creators Go Full-Time

Many photographers are curious as to how to become content creators. They have the tools and skills but just can’t seem to figure out how to start. Our goal at FlashFilm academy is to help content creators transform their side hustle to their main source of income. Our resources contain no fluff and teach you how to grow your brand and succeed in your business.

FlashFilm Academy has several clients who have successfully completed a series that have gone on to land clients who pay tens of thousands of dollars, allowing them to be financially free and their own boss.

“We were able to close a deal worth more than fifty thousand dollars working with just iPhones,” said Luke, a student from FlashFilm Academy. “Some of the stuff we’ve done this year I never even dreamed would have been possible right now.”

With over 6,000 students, FlashFilm Academy has made a name for itself by combining both passion and profit for its users. Additionally, users have achieved over a 3,500 percent increase in revenue in their first year through our content creation tools.

About FlashFilm Academy

FlashFilm Academy is designed to give creators a clear and concise road map to success when it comes to becoming a digital content creator. It was founded by Ty Turner, a former US Army combat photographer, and creative director. He took his experiences as a creative who wanted to start his own business and now shares what he’s learned along the way as a successful

photographer and entrepreneur. He’s created the perfect resource for budding creatives wondering how to be successful content creators.

From YouTube to online content creation series, FlashFilm Academy hosts a variety of educational resources and other educational materials that teach individuals how to make their full-time income from being content creators. We know they already have the tools and skills, so we give them a clear and concise roadmap to follow to become successful entrepreneurs. We give real step-by-step information with no fluff, designed to help individuals become profitable in a way that makes sense through a unique content creation tool.

To learn more about our new series, please www.FlashFilmAcademy.com or subscribe to their youtube channel at Youtube.com/FlashFilmAcademy

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