Hard, Not Harsh: Chef Life Radio Podcast Aims To Empower Chefs With Life Coaching Service

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Hard, Not Harsh: Chef Life Radio Podcast Aims To Empower Chefs With Life Coaching Service

October 19
22:27 2022
A Podcast Dedicated To Chefs, The Show Is Hosted By Author, Speaker & Fellow Chef Adam Lamb

Chefs, like other professionals, should be able to enjoy their careers without having to sacrifice their lives.

That’s the belief of veteran executive chef Adam Lamb, host of Chef Life Radio, a podcast dedicated to chefs and other culinarians. The show aims to support chefs and others in the hospitality industry who too often find themselves struggling in their personal and professional lives as a result of their stressful and demanding careers. With three decades’ worth of experience as a hospitality professional, Adam offers valuable insights to help other chefs have successful a career and fulfilling life.

Chef Life Radio is currently on its second season and showcases episodes that tackle specific challenges and topics in the industry, e.g. building effective hospitality teams, doing proper line checks, improving efficiency and productivity, etc. The show regularly features experienced and renowned guests including fellow chefs, butchers, entrepreneurs, fitness coaches, farmers, and food producers.

Beyond giving professional tips, Chef Life Radio also addresses issues about the chef lifestyle to educate and empower professionals into making the hospitality industry a safer and more sustainable place for everyone. The podcast invites culinarian guests who talk with Adam not only about their accomplishments but also about their failures, the challenges they faced in their personal lives, and how they overcame them.

“Somewhere along my journey, I forgot why I became a culinarian,” said Adam. “Even at the height of my culinary success, I couldn’t figure out why I was so unhappy.”

Because of his experience, Adam dedicated Chef Life Radio to assisting others in the industry to achieve mastery of their craft as well as regain self-love and respect. In one podcast episode, he talks about the typical downsides of making a living in a professional kitchen which included not meeting new people because of a deteriorating social life, gaining or losing a vast amount of weight, and finding it difficult to watch other friends cook.

“Chef Adam is so on point with where the culinary industry is today and with the steps, we need to move forward,” said one listener in a review. “Every culinarian should be listening to this. Change starts with us!”

To reach out and support even more people, Adam plans to launch Chef Life Coaching, a service that he hopes will further help chefs and others become successful even as they manage the stresses of their lifestyles. By becoming a coach to fellow professionals, he hopes to change the hospitality culture to become more sustainable, equitable, and empowering – one chef at a time.

“Chef Life Radio believes that working in a kitchen should be demanding, [but] it shouldn’t have to be demeaning,” explained Adam. “It should be hard; it just doesn’t have to be harsh.”

Interested listeners can follow Chef Life Radio on most podcast apps or visit its website at https://www.chefliferadio.com/

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