Scorefam, The Earning Space for Every Sports Lover

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Scorefam, The Earning Space for Every Sports Lover

October 19
09:33 2022

Scorefam is on a mission to bridge the gap between the blockchain sphere and the sporting world. To achieve this goal, they’ve employed the use of blockchain technology to power the platform and give users a degree of anonymity and total ownership over their assets. Staking is one of the most lucrative things to happen to the crypto sphere, and now with its infusion into the world’s greatest pastime (betting & gaming), more and more people gain insight into the space in a fun and lucrative manner.

How Does it work?

Sports gaming with crypto is quite similar to that of using fiat currencies. The use of odds and your intuition to stake is still prevalent. However, the significant difference is that you get to stake and earn crypto assets instead of fiat currencies. In doing this, Scorefam has leveraged the power of cryptocurrency and decentralization to offer a risk segmentation model. This gives every sports fan an opportunity to earn, irrespective of their risk appetite, even to the level of offering a lossless gaming feature where players get all their initial stake back upon incorrect predictions using the Scorefam Token ($SFT). 

Scorefam Token $SFT:

The Scorefam utility token is the major currency to be used within the platforms. The Scorefam Token will be used for staking + investing in both the Locked and Flexible gaming type. It must also be held by people using the Scorefam platform. Like chips at a casino, most transactions that take place within the platform will be conducted through the use of the designated Scorefam Tokens. This can be used to place stakes in the platform on any football match of your choice from over 200 Leagues in the world.

Scorefam’s Features 

Predict & Win

Our Predict & Win feature is comprised of 3 novel gaming types developed to match players’ risk appetite:

1) Locked Gaming, This is a no-loss gaming system that grants users the unique luxury of “investing in sport.” Here your stake is locked for a period of 7 days with a weekly percentage yield upon successful game prediction. Additionally, there is no loss for a wrong prediction, hence the term no-loss

2) Flexible Gaming: This gaming system uses an odds selection model that lets players stake and make selections on matches available. Based on a player’s desired amount of odds on predicted matches, there is a maximum limit of 3 games in a ticket.

3) Multiflex Gaming: This gaming system is the only one that lets users stake with $BUSD, a stable coin. Because of the traditional-esq nature of this gaming system, users will be able to stake and make selections on matches available based on their desired amount of odds with a maximum limit of 15 games in a ticket.

Scorefam NFT Marketplace: Scorefam will introduce a fantasy game of football, where players can buy, sell, trade, and manage a virtual team with digital player cards in the NFT marketplace. Scorefam model will offer a play-to-earn mix of fantasy football and game card trading on the blockchain.

How does this benefit you? 

Simply put, Scorefam intends to break the betting cycle by cutting down worldwide betting losses drastically.  Features like the Locked Gaming make sure you never lose and here your bet serves as an investment while also giving you a feel of the full betting experience in Flexible and Multiflex gaming. 

Why Scorefam?

Scorefam creates a space for consistent income growth and crypto industry education. Locked Gaming allows you to invest in games and Flexible and Multiflex gaming are two other interesting features that give you a feel of the full betting experience.  

At scorefam we’re giving every sports fan a seamless opportunity to earn by applying their knowledge of sports through:

  • A risk segmented gaming model to accommodate various user risk appetites. 
  • Lossless yield investment opportunity, on sport fixtures. 
  • Fully decentralized and trustless system 
  • A combination of the scorefam utility token and stable coin transaction mode.
  • Fast game navigation and payout.

About Scorefam

Scorefam is set up to innovate the way we use blockchain technology in gaming, by creating a bridge between the crypto sphere and the world of football. Scorefam consists of a group of diversely talented individuals across the globe who constantly build and strive for innovation, led by Founder & CEO Simisoluwa Adeyemo and Co-Founder & COO Babasola Sofowora

Meet The Founders:


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Contact [email protected] if you’d like to work with them.

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