Mandla Launches Its All African Language App, Celebrates Over 75,000-User Downloads

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Mandla Launches Its All African Language App, Celebrates Over 75,000-User Downloads

October 18
23:36 2022
To use artificial intelligence to serve Africa, Mandla provides easy solutions for learning African languages.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES – Today, an artificial intelligence company based in New York, Mandla, has launched the first-ever language app solely for the learning of African languages across Africa, and beyond. 

The backdrop of this launch is to make learning African languages easier, especially for people who seek to learn a new language of African origin. This also caters to Africans in the diaspora and indigenous people of Africa looking for an ed-tech platform dedicated to preserving their mother tongue.  

Presently, the language barrier is a major source of concern for many people who seek ways to interact with others other than their own. This disturbing barrier makes African languages one of the most under-resourced languages in the world, despite being some of the most in demand. The lack of digitization of African languages hinders their spread to the world, for language holds the key to the world of diverse cultures.

The Mandla App introduced a speedy 75,000 user signups across the Apple App Store, the web, and Google Play Store, with forecasts for an increase in downloads. The e-learning language platform combines pronunciations and word use in a sentence, making it easy for new learners to master a chosen language within a set time, just like natives. 

The Mandla App allows users to set reminders, creating flexibility to learn at their chosen time. Different languages, from Igbo, Yoruba, Twi, Mooré, Zulu, Xhosa, Somali, Amharic, and Haitian Creole down to Swahili, are available for learners to steadily learn at their own pace.

The pandemic three years ago saw a global shift, resulting in less offline gatherings and a massive shift to online activities, bringing learning to the fingertips of language learners. Mandla provides solutions that support the revival and preservation of these languages by providing native meanings of words, their pronunciations, and how they are used in sentences in different contexts.

The rising need for this preservation has made Mandla offer its language lessons free, and it can be downloaded at

Wenitte Apiou, CEO and Founder of Mandla, said “language is a central part of one’s identity as a people. In an increasingly digital and hyper-connected age, languages not written or used on the internet will eventually die.” 

“Beyond a language learning app, Mandla plans to build a robust database of African languages, create voice recognition tools, and teach indigenous African writing scripts. And ultimately, our long-term goals at Mandla go beyond language. We want to leverage technology to build the future of Africa.”

About Mandla

Founded in 2021 by Wenitte Apiou, Mandla is an innovative, black-owned Artificial Intelligence company that creates solutions for the African continent and global populations of African descent. It uses data collecting tools to provide a unique learning experience for the next generation of African youths.


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