AMBCrypto shapes its own narrative with a gender-inclusive workforce

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AMBCrypto shapes its own narrative with a gender-inclusive workforce

October 18
21:16 2022
AMBCrypto shapes its own narrative with a gender-inclusive workforce
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This article looks at AMBCrypto’s efforts to bridge the gender gap in the crypto space.

The crypto space is estimated to get a whopping 1 billion users by the end of 2022 and although this staggering number suggests that mass adoption is underway, the scenario is quite different on the backend. The FinTech space has always held a notorious reputation for its gender imbalance in the workplace, this being even more true for the crypto sphere.

Shockingly, even though the net crypto hires hit a 73% high last year in comparison to the last two years, the gap between men and women in the industry has grown wider. According to a LinkedIn Economic Graph, the share of women crypto hires has gone down by 5% from 2018 to 2021. 

Part of the reason for this sharp contrast stems from the novelty and seemingly fast-paced environment that can be filled with imposter syndrome. Additionally, a lack of expertise or chance of being successful or a lack of mentors all contributes to tipping the scale. 

Looking at the sunnier side 

On the bright side, the crypto space still provides one of the most inclusive and diverse work environments for people from all over the world, and new companies in the ecosystem are working towards closing this gender gap and putting more women in significant decision-making roles. 

AMBCrypto, a pioneer in the crypto news and information space is one such company. The platform believes in creating a gender-inclusive workforce, in fact, more than 40% of its team consists of women. 

Architha J.B, COO of the platform described her experience leading the team, “We have a balanced team of journalists. We are still in the early years of crypto and blockchain technology and this gives us all the more reason to shape our own narrative of how we shape this ecosystem in the future.”

While AMBCrypto has adopted this approach from simply providing equal opportunities to everyone, the platform also takes an objective approach to their goals as a company and they believe a major part of it has been having women in their core team making those crucial decisions. 

The world is slowly recovering from the aftereffects of the pandemic and in order to regain the progress for equal representation in the corporate world, there is a need for creating processes that enable a gender-inclusive and empowered workforce. AMBCrypto is making this possible with its diverse and talent-neutral narrative. 

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