Crypto Runners Announced Collection of NFTs Crafted by Indian Artisans and Supporting Charity to Preserve Traditional Skills

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Crypto Runners Announced Collection of NFTs Crafted by Indian Artisans and Supporting Charity to Preserve Traditional Skills

October 17
16:48 2022
Crypto Runners offers investors a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each distinctive design was created by an Indian design house specializing in digital art and bespoke carpet weaving using traditional methods.

Crypto Runners, a collection of Ethereum blockchain NFTs, was founded with a mission to create an Artisans’ Charity benefitting India’s skilled weavers. In the first stop on the roadmap to benevolence, investors can mint a Crypto Runner on the website, showing their support for the project.

“The weavers’ magnificent craftsmanship often goes unnoticed and is being greatly replaced by machinery,” Crypto Runners Co-Founder Vivaan Kapoor said. “This makes it difficult for them to make a living as more people lose their jobs and age-old traditions fade away.”

During the launch, five Crypto Runner NFTs will be airdropped randomly among early supporters to show appreciation for their dedication from day one. The founders invited anyone interested in Crypto Runners to join the Discord community. 

Bringing traditional artisans and the NFT space together

Crypto Runners has plans to branch out into merchandise in the second phase, holding giveaways to distribute merchandise like t-shirts, hats, and hoodies to NFT holders. Users will even have the option to send their minted Crypto Runner for custom prints. 

The next stage involves the creation of the Artisans’ Charity, where a portion of the funds raised through Crypto Runners will be used to benefit Indian artisans preserving traditional crafting techniques. Some funds will also be used for marketing and public relations to encourage future donations and the continuation of altruistic efforts. 

Metaverse gaming

As Crypto Runners continues to develop, the next step is a collaboration with a metaverse game developer to create a game featuring the NFT collection. Holders will gain exclusive access to the metaverse, where they can further their involvement. 

Crypto Runners Marathons

In the final development phase, Crypto Runners plans to organize marathons worldwide, introducing the NFT collection to people everywhere. Holders would receive discounted entry fees, and a portion of the earnings will go to the Artisans’ Charity. 

“Other funds will go toward the project’s creators and the creation of an online store where artisans from across India can sell their products,” Kapoor said. 

Better security on the blockchain

Crypto Runners co-founders Vivaan and Raul Kapoor said blockchain technology offers numerous facets to increased security. The decentralized platform means every trade can be tracked, and nothing in the system can be changed without confirmation. The pair also said Smart Contracts offer automatic management of digital assets. 

In a recent interview with Financial Express, the pair said investors new to the cryptocurrency industry should educate themselves about the crypto space and realize it is not conventional investing. When it’s time to invest, they vet the projects properly and invest sensibly while learning about the security measures in place to offer protection.


Join the Crypto Runner Discord community to stay updated with the latest progress and developments. To learn more about Crypto Runner and its future plans, visit the website or reach out on social media at Twitter

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