Anthony Korculanic Discusses the Most Sought-After Marketing Jobs in 2022

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Anthony Korculanic Discusses the Most Sought-After Marketing Jobs in 2022

October 17
15:24 2022
Anthony Korculanic is the president of XO Media and a distinguished professional in architecture. Mr. Anthony Korculanic listed some of the best in-demand marketing jobs in 2022.

“There has never been a better time to be a marketer than now,” stated Anthony Korculanic in a post he recently uploaded to his website. Experts estimate that the marketing & advertising industry will eclipse $1 trillion by 2026. Mr. Anthony wanted to help younger generations find the best future-proof jobs by pointing out the five most sought-after marketing jobs in 2022. 

The top slot on Mr. Korculanic’s list is the title of the content strategist – the person that plans, designs, creates and publishes content while collaborating with higher-ups in any given company. This position is in huge demand mainly because of the skillset-based requirements applicants need to fulfill. 

According to Anthony Korculanic, content strategists typically work directly with SEO teams to ensure the entirety of the content is up-to-date, relevant, and most importantly competitive:

“Traditional advertising tends to focus on the hard sell, but in recent years, the trend has shifted away from this somewhat overwhelming tactic, meaning the demand for content strategists has skyrocketed. In this role, the professional develops a strategy that perfectly balances the goals of the company (or client) with their consumer’s needs,” said Anthony Korculanic. 

Mr. Anthony Korculanic ranked the position of SEO specialist as the second most sought-after marketing job on his list. Search engine optimization plays a crucial role for all companies and brands, even outside of the marketing & advertising spheres. SEO specialists are professionals required to pinpoint the most relevant keywords and, with surgical accuracy, place them in the content of all relevant pages. 

The third slot on Mr. Anthony Korculanic’s list is the title of Digital Account Executive. The job of a DAE is to “ensure all campaigns run smoothly,” said Mr. Anthony Korculanic. These professionals must possess exemplary communication skills and in-depth knowledge of client accounts, digital marketing strategies, and digital marketing as a whole. 

Data Analyst professionals are ranked fourth on Anthony Korculanic’s list of the most sought-after job positions in 2022. The skillset of a data analyst is well-rounded, as they perform a variety of impactful tasks daily; from collecting data to applying their problem-solving skills on the fly, the intelligence behind any digital marketing strategy strongly relies on the performance of its digital analysts. 

The final slot on Anthony Korculanic’s list is the title of the CRO specialist. Conversion Rate Optimization professionals work toward driving ROI. Since this is a job that needs to deliver consistent results, it requires a great degree of skill and experience.

As quoted by Mr. Anthony Korculanic, “it isn’t all about the technical ins and outs this year. Instead, the most sought-after marketing positions in 2022 have an intimate understanding of how social trends are changing.”

More information about Anthony Korculanic and the full list of in-demand marketing jobs is available on Anthony Korculanic Marketing’s official website.

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