Itinair, the last travel agency, launches a social travel application

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Itinair, the last travel agency, launches a social travel application

October 17
14:24 2022

Itinair Ltd., a French-based UK startup with the sole aim of becoming the last travel agency, has just launched “Moments by Itinair”, a social travel app for iOS and Android. 

Moments is the first step in creating the next generation of travel – and the last travel agency” said Mr. Balazs Lizan, the Hungarian founder and CEO of Itinair Ltd. 

At first glance, Moments is a mood-based video diary and privacy-first social network app. But it is so much more: its unique mood and data mapping process creates the most detailed travel profile ever. “Tripadvisor, Google and other players know a destination’s main attractions. Some even have data on the most popular sites. We go beyond mass-sourced data to create a perfect journey for each traveler: we know which destination will fit you best and where to go next to get the most out of every moment.” added Mr. Lizan. 

As a social network, the main competitors for Moments are Instagram and TikTok. 

They own the attention market. “But they do not care about your mood”, replied Mr. Lizan. “They both are in the user-generated content industry. They are only interested in keeping you inside the app and do not care about how you actually feel when consuming or creating their content. Their strategy is to make people create longer and more engaging videos.” 

Moments is different. It only allows users to record short videos no longer than 5 seconds long. Users also have to record what they were feeling in that instant. These short snippets are called Moments. The app’s combination of video and emotion is meant to mimic the way the brain stores memories. “Motion and emotion – these are the two ways your brain will recall any memories, they are like short videos. It is never a still image or a long story. We focused on this to help users recall events as they were. Our travelers are looking for real life experiences, not the oversaturated, sometimes fake visuals found in some apps”, said Mr Lizan. 

In Moments, all travel memories are visualized on a ‘moodmap’ which gives an additional and unique dimension to check how users or other fellow travelers felt at a certain location. This will aid travelers considering traveling to a particular destination or spot by giving them a feeling-based record of every spot on the globe. 

In the state-of-the-art app, users can also create compilation-style music videos from their private moments. The resulting video is the perfect way to reminisce privately, or share memories with others. Normal, mundane, everyday memories look amazing when stitched together – and it allows users to see how the creator felt when recording. By adding some curated music found in the app, a 30 seconds montage of their day or their trip is easy to watch at any time, and not boring for the friends either. 

Moments by Itinair is the first step to create the last travel agency.  

“We believe that for travel agencies the only remaining selling point is their unique knowledge about their travelers and about the destinations which made their personalized itineraries unbeatable so far. All their other products are available elsewhere, sometimes at more competitive rates. Itinair is going to democratize the travel knowledge market and create a platform where traveling will be even more personalized and, as a result, this will make most traditional travel agencies outdated.” 

Mr. Lizan adds,  “We want to make travel less tourist-y, and less industry-like. We believe that travel is precious, because travelers interact with locals. Every traveler knows that the best advice and itineraries come from locals.” 

The company is launching the Moments by Itinair app on multiple markets during Q3 and Q4 2022. It is developed by a team of experts from all around the world and has more than 1000 users in the first week. The launch of Itinair, the last travel agency, is expected before the summer of 2023.

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