Global Conference Alliance – Proudly Canadian, Expanding Learning Worldwide

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Global Conference Alliance – Proudly Canadian, Expanding Learning Worldwide

October 17
13:24 2022

Global Conference Alliance (GCA) is a company based in Vancouver which hosts the world’s top international conferences, including industry-leading workshops and different global expos in Management, Business, Economics, Cybersecurity, Human Resource Management, Textile and Apparel, and Small Business Management. GCA works tirelessly to organize certain events in Toronto, Vancouver, Houston, Las Vegas, Istanbul, and Cancun. Participants from more than 70 countries that attend these conferences.

Global Conference Alliance has helped over 100 world-class speakers, industry experts, and academic heroes in the past conferences. There have already been over 25 technical sessions that welcomed more than 1000 delegates. From September 2022 to April 2023, there are more than 15 events on its extensive schedule. Besides this, GCA also has IRCC and CBSA official recognition under its belt in the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship of Canada departments, including the Canada Border Services Agency. 

BBB accredited, the Better Business Bureau has also recognized GCA as a certified Global Conference Alliance.  

Motives of Global Conference Alliance

Global conference Alliance is set to work for its customers, from national to global audiences. GCA invites participants from more than 70 countries that have attended previous events to bring forth their knowledge, learnings, and research with plans to share with the right audience.

Global Conference Alliance is expanding its platform and are welcoming enthusiasts from around the world to come ahead and be a part of the platform. Participants can put forth their ideas and research to share with the right audience and get the feedback they are looking for. The platform aims to reduce the gap between the people of all the departments and their audiences who want to share their stellar idea and get leads from this platform to bring their idea to reality.

Dr. Afzalur Rahman – CEO and Conference Chair of Global Conference Alliance says, “We are happy to inform you that the conference committee has decided to host the 10th Global Conference on Business Management and Economics (GCBME) in Las Vegas, United States, on Saturday, October 29, 2022. The 9th GCBME 2022 was recently concluded successfully on September 24, 2022, at the University of  British Columbia Robson Square, downtown Vancouver. This conference has proven to be a fantastic opportunity for delegates interested in marketing, management, international business, human resource management, banking, accounting, finance, and economics to interact and network”. 

Reasons to participate in The Global Conference Alliance Events

In the near future, the 10th Global Conference will take place. The delegates that made it to the 9th GCBME are not in doubt about attending this gathering, Participants may be wondering how this gathering will help them if they haven’t been to one before.

GCA is a place where participants are allowed to let their questions speak and find answers as they go to each of its events. They will be learning many new concepts and ideas, and who knows, maybe it’s because of these thoughts that they come up with a fresh idea and turn it into a reality for the rest of the world to enjoy and benefit from.

Be a part of the 10th GCBME 2022 in Las Vegas, United States. 

Top International Conferences And Workshops In Business, Management, And Economics

The Global Conference Alliance is a platform for creatives and enthusiasts to showcase their ideas and turn them into possible events only by networking and finding the right audience. As a delegate, individuals can bring their concept to the attention of people who can finance it and turn it into a magnificent thing in the future. This is a chance that many only dreamt of.

If anyone seeking a platform to share their brilliant ideas or want to learn more about a particular field of interest, then this is the right place and be a part of the 10th GCBME 2022. Welcome to this mega opportunity of all gains and no losses.  

The following events will be hosted by Global Conference Alliance for the rest of 2022:

–  10th Global Conference on Business Management and Economics – Las Vegas, USA (October 29)
–  11th Global Conference on Business Management and Economics – Houston, USA (November 11)
–  12th Global Conference on Business Management and Economics – Vancouver, Canada (December 3)
–  Global Conference On Cyber Security and Cloud Engineering – Vancouver, Canada (December 3)
–  International Workshop On Cyber Security and Cloud Engineering – Vancouver, Canada (December 4-7)

Please visit GCA’s website to learn detailed information about upcoming events scheduled in 2022 and 2023 – 

Alternatively, for continuous updates, please find Global Conference Alliance on –

–  Facebook: 
–  LinkedIn: 

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Company Name: Global Conference Alliance Inc.
Contact Person: Afzalur Rahman
Email: Send Email
Phone: 7782575225
Address:422 Richards Street, Unit 170
City: Vancouver
State: British Columbia
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