What Are The Differences Between PVC Square Tendon Hose And PVC Round Gluten Hose And Which One Is More Durable

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What Are The Differences Between PVC Square Tendon Hose And PVC Round Gluten Hose And Which One Is More Durable

October 17
06:34 2022

When buying PVC plastic tendons, people often encounter two options. One is a PVC square bone hose with a surface square skeleton. PVC round osteo tubes are enhanced by surface. PVC square tube and PVC round tendon are both PVC plastic tendon enhanced hoses. Do they often encounter the difference between customers asking between the two? Which is more durable? Let me introduce two different PVC plastic structures under the tendon tube.

The materials used in two types of plastic tendons are the same. The main ingredients are polyvinyl chloride, bright, corrosive and durable. Due to the addition of plasticizers, in the process of manufacturing, anti-aging agents and other toxic auxiliary materials enhance their heat resistance, toughness, delay, etc. Therefore, their products usually do not store food and drugs. PVC plastic tendon enhanced hose is enhanced from soft PVC spiral tendon. As a wall of the wall, hard PVC is used as spiral tendon production materials.

1. PVC square hose

The square hose is also called beef muscle tendon tubes or keel pipes, gray end tubes, etc., which are mainly used for urban water supply, sewage, farmland irrigation, coal mines, oil fields, ship equipment and other machinery, as well as other machinery and other machinery and electronic equipment and electronic equipment Essence Water flow is also used for drainage pumps and air conditioners; air adjustment and ventilation equipment.

2. PVC round gluten hose

In simple craftsmanship and extensive application, the production of round tendons in the world is very common. In fact, there is no difference between gluten tubes in terms of use. The most important thing is craftsmanship.

What is the difference between two PVC plastic tendons?

1. The appearance of the PVC square tube is a square plastic skeleton. The production process was squeezed out. The bones and tube walls were squeezed out. The bones are covered by the wall. The biggest finale of this process is that if hard plants are difficult to break, bones will easily break. In addition, bones are exposed to aging and aging.

2. The round skeleton enhances the appearance of the PVC round tendon tube. The production process is a crowded machine. The bones and tube walls are squeezed at the same time, and the walls of the tube are wrapped in the production of the skeleton. better one.Generally speaking, there is no difference in using PVC square tubes or round gluten tubes. Both are smooth inner walls, and the external spiral tendons are enhanced. However, if it is not a special requirement, it is recommended to choose a circular tendon. Relatively speaking, after testing gluten, the production of the same material is more durable.

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