How this Mom of Three is Revolutionizing Marketing with an Innovative Netflix-Inspired Sales System

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How this Mom of Three is Revolutionizing Marketing with an Innovative Netflix-Inspired Sales System

October 15
09:00 2022
Nas Echeverria of Next Level UP CEO is leveraging the power of Netflix to boost conversion and push businesses toward sustainable success.

Nas Echeverria, a mom of three, business growth strategist, 18 year marketing expert, and the founder of Next Level Up CEO, has made a ground-breaking discovery that’s catapulting businesses into their next level of growth. She leverages a Netflix-inspired sales system combined with proprietary strategies to convert website visitors and lurkers into loyal paying clients. Now, she’s sharing her expertise with other entrepreneurs and small business owners, enabling them to build sustainable, impactful, and profitable businesses.

“Stop speaking to the 90% of leads that aren’t prioritizing solving their problem, a.k.a. investing in a solution. Learn to speak to the 10%,” says Echeverria.

Contrary to popular sales strategies, Echeverria’s method is built on reverse marketing and doesn’t rely on chasing clients or pushing out aggressive sales tactics. Like Netflix’s set-up, it emphasizes engagement and targeted services that deliver client needs. The method is designed to cut out bad leads or low-qualified prospects, focusing on converting followers into pre-sold, high-intent clients in under a week.

“Pre-sold clients are the difference between convincing people to pay attention to you and having clients begging to work with you before they even get on a call.”

With pre-sold clients, businesses can establish themselves as an authority in their field and build a reputation for strong customer focus and service excellence. Pre-sold clients communicate the value of a service, attracting premium clients to avail of offers even without marketing.

In her seven-minute on-demand training, Echeverria shares how coaches, consultants, and other service-based entrepreneurs can achieve this and stand out among their competitors. She discusses how they can use her Innovative Authority Formula to improve business credibility and command higher prices than they thought possible.

According to Echeverria, “Becoming the Innovative Authority™ is about creating an innovative solution to an evergreen problem.” Being an Innovative Authority means being incomparable to others in the same field, rendering competitors irrelevant.

Aside from the Innovative Authority Formula and the Bingeable Authority™ System inspired by Netflix, Echeverria also shares her Fan Frenzy Framework, which helps businesses harness the power of retention marketing to turn a single client into four times the revenue. The best part? There’s no need to do extra advertising or exhausting promotions that do not yield results.

All these three things combined have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs move out of the flow and build a six-figure business while having the freedom to pursue their passions.

Entrepreneurs who want to create a business roadmap that builds on their passion and expertise without the stress of aggressive marketing can connect with Echeverria today:

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