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What Is UV Curing Resin – Zicai Technology

October 13
17:34 2022

UV curable resin is a light green transparent liquid, which does not need to be coated with curing agent and accelerator. After coating, it can be completely cured by placing it under UV lamp tube and irradiating it with UV light for 3-6 minutes. After curing, the hardness is high, the construction is simple and economical, The glue irradiated by ultraviolet light can be reused.

The characteristics are as follows:

(1). Safety and environmental protection UV resin is a solvent-free resin with 100% solid content, which is completely converted into film after illumination The film is plump and bright after forming, and there is no harmful gas emission in the curing process, which helps to improve the working environment and prevent air pollution

(2). High production efficiency, basically not affected by the cold season, and can be cured quickly at room temperature

(3). Good film forming performance, UV glazing not only has high gloss, flat and smooth film, but also has heat resistance, water resistance, scratch resistance and other properties

(4). Strong operability Because the traditional curing mechanism of UV glazing is different, it is not limited by the coating time. The coated object will not cure without UV irradiation. There is enough time to exhaust and remove bubbles. There is a clean and well maintained resin that can be used continuously, reducing waste and saving drug costs

(5). Brush painting can be used spray. Roll coating, drenching coating and other processes, the coating can be thick or thin, and the products requiring film thickness can be coated several times

2. UV resin curing mechanism the basic principle of UV glazing is to use a certain band of ultraviolet light to trigger a rapid curing reaction, so that a transparent gloss coating can be formed on the surface of the object to beautify and decorate Since the light curing speed is directly proportional to the light intensity, in order to improve the light intensity and make full use of the light energy, in addition to selecting high-energy UV lamps, the irradiation distance between the lamps and the work must be shortened to the minimum. If low-energy light sources are used, the lamp distance is preferably 6-8cm, and the closer the distance between the lamps is, the better. It is best to rely on them If a high-energy high-voltage lamp is used, the irradiation distance should be 25-35cm High energy lamp will raise the temperature and accelerate the curing speed, which should be comprehensively grasped in operation

3. Precautions in UV glazing operation. UV curing resin is an independent material, which should be paid attention to in use:

(1) UV curing resin cannot be mixed with other coatings

(2). It is strictly forbidden to add diluent for dilution. If diluent is added, the effect after curing will be seriously affected, and the fullness and hardness will not meet the requirements, and even blistering pinholes will occur

(3) When using BM type UV curing resin, it is best to use spraying method, and the film should not be too thick. Whether self leveling or other methods are used, ultraviolet lamp irradiation should be carried out after the bubbles are discharged

(4). When using BM UV curing resin, the working environment should be clean and dust-free, because it is not covered with film, so as to prevent the film surface from being polluted

(5). When using BM UV light curing resin, it is best to use high-energy light source, and the effect is better

(6). No matter what kind of light source is used, we should pay attention to the timely renewal of the lamp tube. Light curing is inseparable from light. The stronger the light energy is, the better the curing effect is. The service life of the lamp tube is limited. If it exceeds the service life, it should be replaced in time, otherwise the curing speed and effect will be affected.

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