M Farm allows the combination of community and meta-verse to give birth to new business models

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M Farm allows the combination of community and meta-verse to give birth to new business models

October 13
20:18 2022

In today’s world of overcapacity, we look back at history and see that new industries and new business models are always born after every major change in technology, industry and information. After Roblox, Fastly Inc, Matterport Inc and Unity Software Inc, the major meta-verse companies went public, which once again accelerated the pursuit of meta-verse by capital, unfortunately ordinary people seem to be unable to participate in the traditional meta-verse model.

M Farm adds the dandelion mechanism to the meta-verse, forming a digital ecological space of the new social system. It allows ordinary people to participate in it, and M Farm’s level upgrade system allows the community to allocate its production capacity according to its work, which realizes the benign and sustainable development of the community.

Open your phone to plant a tree in your free time and invite your friends to participate in its value system. We will find a business model system that can accommodate more people’s employment. It has the same historical significance as the age of navigation, the age of industrial revolution, and the age of space.

200 years ago, our 10,000-acre farms required a lot of labor to grow and maintain, whereas today, a few people and a few tractors can take care of that. Today, the world needs to solve the employment problem of more than a billion people, while there are few industries that can solve the employment problem. In the world of the meta-verse, everything can be accommodated, and the existing productive capacity of social entities is sufficient to support global operations. The world of meta-verse is just beginning, and we hope that M-farm will make more people happy and joyful with the help of capital!

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