Stanford Start-up Furpeeps Labs Launches “Smarter Water,” a Unique Product That Turns Pets’ Water Bowl into a Toothbrush

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Stanford Start-up Furpeeps Labs Launches “Smarter Water,” a Unique Product That Turns Pets’ Water Bowl into a Toothbrush

October 13
18:18 2022

Furpeeps lab’s newly developed and much-anticipated product, “Smarter Water,” has hit the market this week on Amazon and at  Smarter Water is an easy-to-use product that turns your pet’s water bowl into drinkable oral care in seconds. For pet parents who hate brushing their pet’s teeth, a pinch in the water bowl transforms the water bowl into a molecular toothbrush, keeping your pet’s breath fresh, gums healthy, and teeth clean all day long.  Periodontal disease is the #1 health issue plaguing dogs today. It’s estimated to affect more than 80% of adult dogs. Because periodontal disease is so prevalent, chances are your dog is affected too.  Most Veterinarians recommend brushing your pet’s teeth and frequent dental cleanings under anesthesia.  Brushing will clear away some of the plaque, but a bacteria-biofilm begins to re-colonize immediately after the plaque is removed.  Smarter Water is a natural, non-toxic prebiotic product that works all day long, keeping bacteria and bad breath in check.  Furpeeps Labs Smarter Water additive coats and protects your pets’ teeth and works above and below the gum line with every drink.

Furpeeps Lab’s Smarter Water Teeth Shield product fortifies the oral microbiome, combats plaque and tartar, balances pH, and helps control harmful bacteria and biofilm that causes bad breath, yellow teeth, and gum disease. Three of its key advantages are fresh breath, white teeth, and healthy gums. According to the firm, simply adding Smarter Water to a pet’s water protects from problems that could result in painful dental procedures and costly vet bills. 

“Since I started using Smarter Water, my dog’s stinky breath is much better, and his teeth are whiter; even our Vet noticed!” claims Joanna Morales, Corgi’s mom.

Like other Furpeeps products, Smarter Water is unique from other pet care items available on the market. Instead of killing as many bacteria as possible, Petliva™ Prebiotics strengthens beneficial bacteria while weakening harmful bacteria for a naturally balanced microbiome, resulting in better oral, immune, and gut health.

Furpeeps Labs relies on world-class scientific and clinical investigation for all its product’s safety and efficacy. Their products have all been thoroughly tested and validated.

About Furpeeps Lab

The need to treat pets the way people care for themselves led to the founding of Furpeeps Labs. As Pet Parents and pet advocates, we believe that pets make people happier. Furpeeps Labs’ mission is to improve the health of pets naturally by tapping into their microbiome. Furpeeps donates part of every sale to support fostering, pet community services, and re-homing.  All our products are Veterinarian approved, responsibly sourced, and manufactured in the USA.

Furpeeps Labs is part of one of the most elite incubators in the country, Stanford’s StartX, and comprises a world-class team of scientists, inventors, veterinarians, and pet parents.  

Visit and Amazon for more information.

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