In A World Filled With FOMO, Gomlabs Introduces “The Convell” – An NFT For Those Who Really Want It

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In A World Filled With FOMO, Gomlabs Introduces “The Convell” – An NFT For Those Who Really Want It

October 13
05:36 2022
Gomlabs released their first NFT project, “The Convell,” an enviable collection of unlimited RPG avatars where FOMO is not allowed.

Blockchain has the potential to replace the internet and is probably the reason behind the ever-rising popularity of NFTs. In 2021, the once-fringe movement became a widely accepted phenomenon as NFTs gained real monetary value. As everyone looks to become the next Bored Ape Yacht Club, Web 3, a collection of open technologies and protocols, including Blockchain (as Crypto and NFTs), that support the natively trusted use of decentralized data, knowledge, and value has become a hot phenomenon.

However, the current cross-industry adoption of NFTs is driven by FOMO (fear of missing out) rather than its true potential. The ever-increasing supply of art-based NFTs is causing an overall dilution of demand as the number of projects has started to outweigh the number of investors far. The result is an increasing number of stories of projects that aren’t selling out or NFTs which are losing value due to depreciation.

With an aim to remove FOMO from the NFT realm, the popular blockchain-based platform Gomlabs have created “The Convell.” The Convell is a dynamic NFT that evolves to keep the tokens in user’s wallet. This enables a user to get abilities, weapons, and spells, evolve their character, and use it in Gomlabs’ upcoming competitive game experience. The Convell also integrates with the GomLabs Ecosystem, providing access to other privileges as well. 

Normally, NFTs are available to the public, but The Convell can only be minted by people in the “allowlist”, and to enter the allowlist, one has to beat GomLabs’s Game. By removing the general public, GomLabs has removed the element of FOMO from the NFT realm and introduced an innovative mode where FOMO is not allowed.

Talking about the company and its core values, the founder of GomLabs said, “Limited collections just cause unnecessary FOMO in the community. On the other hand, an unlimited collection makes everyone focus on the real utility behind the project. This does not mean the collection has no rarity since no more units of the available class will ever be released. New classes/characters can always be added.

At Gomlabs, we are releasing our first NFT project called “The Convell”. It’s a collection of unlimited RPG avatars where FOMO ins’t allowed. It starts with 5 classes, and more will be added along the time. Owning a Convell provides access to all core products made by GomLabs. All avatars will be available to be minted only for people in the allowlist (there’s no public sale). The only way to get your spot is by beating our Game,” he added.

To know more about Gomlabs or to start minting their NFTs, visit their website.

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