Gentle Myofascial Release Launches Short Book, “Why It Hurts”

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Gentle Myofascial Release Launches Short Book, “Why It Hurts”

October 12
19:30 2022
Helping parents overcome aches and pains, so they can keep up with their kids

Gone are the days when people had to endure the pain they felt. At Gentle Myofascial Release, they help relieve aches and pains by discovering its cause and showing various ways of overcoming it. With the launch of their short ebook, people can now help themselves at the comfort of their homes.

For those who are unfamiliar with Gentle Myofascial Release, it is a type of therapy that focuses on the restriction in the fascia, a connective tissue that wraps around muscle, bone, nerves, and even organs. The best part about this kind of therapy is it does not use physical force – it only uses gentle pressure and can be very relaxing. Just imagine the convenience of being able to bid goodbye to aches and pain without even realizing it.

All of this information and more can be found in Gentle Myofascial Release’s short e-book titled, “Why It Hurts.” Through this e-book, they share how people can discover why they are experiencing pain, and learn how to undo years of injury, neglect, or overuse – allowing them to feel as supple as they did in their youth.

This is not just another book that shares the same techniques over and over again, it was thoughtfully created by Hugh Norley, founder of Gentle Myofascial Release. This book is a product of all his hard work throughout the years of finding what works and what doesn’t. His life is a living testimony of how he was able to find relief by understanding what his body felt, releasing the stickiness in his body that was causing the pain, and making movement a priority.

If Hugh himself was able to overcome debilitating aches and pains with myofascial release and movement, he wants people to know that they can experience the same relief too. Life does not have to be so miserable.

Particularly, the book includes self-assessments and Myofascial release techniques and exercises to kickstart the process of overcoming pain as quickly as possible. It also comes with a bonus Self Myofascial Release Guide, a 30-page illustrated guide that shows how to assess the cause of pain, and gives a run through of all the basics there is to know to relieve pain.

For only $4.95, everyone can get their hands on a copy of this e-book. Get lasting pain relief by figuring out Why It Hurts. For more information about “Why It Hurts”, visit

About Gentle Myofascial Release

Founded by Hugh Norley, Gentle Myofascial Release offers a variety of ways to improve posture, range of motion and movement efficiency.

The release techniques can help both parents and children overcome aches and pains where other methods were unsuccessful.or provided only a temporary result.

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