Renowned author Norman Currey brings a nuanced peek into the evolution of aviation in “Airplane Stories and Histories”

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Renowned author Norman Currey brings a nuanced peek into the evolution of aviation in “Airplane Stories and Histories”

October 05
18:51 2022
“Airplane Stories and Histories” by aeronautical engineer Norman Currey is an incredible, inside look at the history of air flight as written by one who knows enormously.

Author Norman Currey brings an impressive personalized history of aircraft development in his highly rated book, “Airplane Stories and Histories,” a perfect gift for those interested in a close look at the history of airplanes, including the tales of specific heroes in that history.

Told through seminal junctures in human flight from the past 200 years, “Airplane Stories and Histories” moves from the Wright Brothers’ innovative invention to the use of ever-advancing planes in warfare. Currey’s expertise in aviation makes it a delight to read about unique engine developments and technical details since he discusses them freely and easily. 

John H. Manhold, in a review, described “Airplane Stories and Histories” as a fantastic book that is well-researched.

“This is a book that I believe thoroughly will be enjoyed. It does not matter whether you are a passenger or see a notice about a plane on which you might soon be a passenger, interested in the occasional media announcement with respect to new types of aircraft in today’s headline developing warfare, or perhaps the even less frequent story about former flyers who may or may not still be with us. All are stimulating to read,” Mr. Manhold wrote.

Given that Currey has been an aeronautical engineer for most of his life, Ian J. Miller, another reader, said Currey knows a lot about designing aircraft since that has been his way of earning a living.

“He is also an enthusiast and has gone deeply into history, including the theoretical advances well before anyone flew. He then moves on to the Wright Brothers and then gives an account of the physical and engineering problems and how they were overcome. It is remarkably encyclopedic and gives a great account, even up to the modern drones. The book is easy to read and has a huge number of details,” wrote Mr. Miller. 

Veritas Vincit, meanwhile, said the impressive book is written by an aircraft design specialist “with a lifetime passion for all things that fly.”

“The chapter structures are interesting, carrying one theme out across history rather than giving a purely chronological look at breakthroughs in the history of flight. The photographs help readers visualize the subject matter more vividly while also breaking up the text from time to time,” wrote Mr. Vincit.

Those who want to grab a copy of Airplane Stories and Histories by author Norman Currey may purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository.  

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