Stone Industries enables international customers with a one-stop casting solution

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Stone Industries enables international customers with a one-stop casting solution

September 16
06:34 2022
Investment casting
With over two decades of global presence, this manufacturing firm dominates the market by offering top-tier investment casting, die forging, and CNC machining.

September 16th, 2022 – Stone Industries started its operations with mechanical parts customization and slowly branched out towards Investment casting, Die casting, Die forging, Sand Casting, & CNC machining. Its unique casting methods allow customers to benefit from incredible precision and smooth surfaces, even when making intricate forms with undercuts. For this reason, Stone industries have quickly become a strategic partner for countless premium brands operating on an international level. 

Aside from superior quality and smoother cuts, Steel casting minimizes waste and processing time. It is the ideal method for combining various types of steel and alloys to eliminate welding and assembly errors. This aspect of the lost wax casting technique allows Stone Industries to offer quicker delivery times and more affordable casting options to their global clients. 

With this quality-oriented approach, Stone Industries further specializes in hot forging. The die forging process might seem straightforward, but it takes incredible precision to create uniformity of grains in quick coupling. The integrity of the die is directly related to the grain structure, and these experts go the extra mile to develop a continuous grain pattern for their customers. 

Stone Industries believes in working closely with the client to create a final product that accurately fits their requirements, even during cold forging. Interested customers can contact the consultation experts directly to discover the best solution for their casting needs. This organization prides itself on its decades of service excellence and focuses extensively on improving the customer experience. 

The successful relations held by Stone Industries and its success can only be attributed to its unmatched commitment to quality and continuous improvement. This firm has undoubtedly become the one-stop for numerous global firms as it continues to attract more entrepreneurs to its cost-effective casting solutions.

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Phone: +86 28 8666 2034
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