Roger Kurian explains how to build a career in the IT industry

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Roger Kurian explains how to build a career in the IT industry

September 15
20:06 2022

Roger Sam Kurian has spent over 25 years building a successful career in the IT industry while applying his skills in various positions for all sorts of companies. His varied experience has helped him tremendously in ascending in his career. 

Because of Kurian’s wide success, he has agreed to share some of his best tips and tricks to build your career in the IT industry. While it will be no easy path, there are certainly things that you can do to stand out from the crowd and enhance your attractiveness as a potential IT candidate. 

It all started when Kurian started his career in IT and Computer Science at Bombay University in India. He completed his undergraduate degree and then went on to get his Master’s in Computer Science from Kent State University in Ohio. 

Kurian was excited to begin his career. Having performed tremendously well in school, and with new certifications and experiences under his belt, Kurian was able to get into the IT industry and begin moving up the ranks. 

“When I did my Master’s degree, I wanted to start small before taking huge leaps and jumps,” says Kurian. This leads into one of his most fundamental pieces of advice – take baby steps. Kurian is a proprietor of taking small steps that eventually lead to major growth. He recommends that anybody who wants to build their career in the IT sector should learn the relevant skills to succeed. 

One of Kurian’s first jobs was working in a small jewelry company, where he used a product called GraphiCAD Cimagraphy. This set him up for later success in his career when he would eventually use AutoCAD. Later, these two experiences would set Kurian up to get into programming and become a programmer in his own right. 

Another aspect of the industry that Kurian delved into was software development. He remembers working on many projects with different software. From developing websites to programming, Kurian tested his skill and hones his experience in C, C++,,, Java (J2EE) and more. He was actively programming at the same time and worked on web services as well. 

Kurian’s programming career pushed him to explore more avenues as well and to find a way to weave business into his successful career. 

“This created new opportunities into a more business analyst type of role,” says Kurian. He explains that a business analyst is a liaison between the business side and the technology side, a sort of medium between the two sectors. 

Kurian says the experience was helpful to him because he was able to learn about the technology aspects of products, and how to implement that technology. It also allowed him to gain valuable sales skills that would help him down the line in his career. 

Down the line, Kurian began working in program management. Thanks to his business analyst opportunity, Kurian began to get into more project and program management opportunities. He was working as a project and a program manager, and feeling fulfilled with his career path. 

When we asked Kurian for advice, he said that drive and determination allowed him to be successful, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the skill of patience. Patience is often learned, and if you have the ability to learn the ropes and build skills in the IT industry, you will become successful. 

Bolstering his resume with various certifications also helped. “It’s important to have certifications like CSF (Certified Scrum Fundamentals), CSM (Certified Scrum Master) and the CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner). Kurian also took the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification, and he strongly encourages others to do the same. 

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