Narimane Al Labbane, the CO founder of Arab Shift

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Narimane Al Labbane, the CO founder of Arab Shift

September 15
19:16 2022
Narimane Al Labbane, the CO founder of Arab Shift
Narimane Al Labbane, the CO founder of Arab Shift
Narimane Al Labbane, this name would no longer be to anyone even slightly familiar with the world of cars. Narimane is one of the most influential automotive influencers all over the Arab world. Besides, Narimane Al Labbane is the CO founder of Arab Shift, a renowned automotive lifestyle channel.

Gone are the days of sifting through brochures and making multiple trips to dealerships to scope out designs — car buying has gone digital. Huge number of shoppers depend on online research throughout their car-buying journey. Hence, influence marketing is essential for success in the digital-first era.

To fuel awareness, drive advocacy amongst a tight-knit community of car-lovers and race ahead of your competitors, all you need to do is to follow automotive influencers. Knowing that the number of automotive influencers is increasing at a very high rate, choosing the suitable influencer is not an easy task at all.

It probably comes as no surprise that the automotive industry is dominated by men. But the presence of women in such a world is also visible nowadays. From auto body technicians to racecar drivers, the female presence in this field is impossible to ignore at all.

But when it comes to Narimane Al Labbane, there is no need to think twice. Why? Actually, Narimane Al Labbane is one of the most influential automotive influencers who are really driving the market forward.

Narimane is known for being the first Arab women to enter the automotive world of influencing and journalism. Narimane usually shares on her Instagram account photos and videos of cars which she tried to recommend them, or even cars from events which she is invited to watch. Being clear, honest and strong enough have made her unique in such a world of influencing. Her great work and extreme honesty has caught the attention of thousands of followers from all over the world who were really thrilled with her content.

There is much more to know about Narimane Al Labbane other than being an automotive influencer, actually she is the CO founder of Arab Shift. Arab Shift is a specialized Automotive Lifestyle Channel specialized in the world of cars covering the most prominent releases, experiences and news in pictures and videos. To follow up with her page, you can follow it on Instagram, “arabshift_”, or even subscribe into YouTube channel “Arabshift”.

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