Flood Services Sunshine Coast: Damp Carpets are breeding grounds for mould, which is a health hazard.

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Flood Services Sunshine Coast: Damp Carpets are breeding grounds for mould, which is a health hazard.

September 14
07:54 2022
Flood Services Sunshine Coast helps homeowners with carpet drying, drying of wood floors, structural drying of walls, mould remediation, sewage cleanup, storm and flood restorations, water extraction, and more.

Many homeowners are often shocked to find out that there is a connection between their mounting health issues and water leaks in their homes, as well as damp carpets. A damp carpet can either result from a water leak in the house, spills, or poorly dried carpets when cleaning. These carpets become breeding grounds for mould, and the mould spores are a health hazard.

Some homeowners also have to deal with burst Flexi hoses and other internal sources that lead to water damage or external causes like floods and storms. Flood Services Sunshine Coast is a team of experts that helps people keep their homes dry and free of mould.

Water damage and mould spores can be hard to detect, but the musty odor is one of the most obvious indications of a damp carpet and water damage in a home. Unfortunately, most people tend to ignore the dampness in their homes until the problem becomes too big. This is why Flood Services Sunshine Coast recommends that people conduct regular inspections of their homes and ensure their carpets are properly dried.

Flood Services Sunshine Coast’s team of water damage experts understands the stress that results from unexpected water at home or work. The team has a rapid response time, getting to clients within an hour to ensure their home is restored to pre-flood condition.

“Our priority is to remove the water as quickly as possible from inside property to avoid any further damage, prevent any water damage to furniture and contents, drying water damaged carpet, floors and structural drying.”

Signs and symptoms of health issues resulting from dampness and mould

Being in a house with a water-damaged carpet could cause various health issues, not to mention some people are at higher risk of health problems. People with lung disease weakened immune systems, the elderly, infants, and children have a higher risk of developing health complications. Flood Services Sunshine Coast highlights some of the symptoms that could indicate the presence of mould spores in a home. These include:

–  Headaches
–  Fatigue
–  Weakened immune system leading to infections
–  Coughing and sore throat
–  Skin and eye irritation
–  Runny nose
–  Deteriorating mental health.

How Flood Services Sunshine Coast helps clients

Flood Services Sunshine Coast provides a range of solutions, from water extraction, carpet and underlay drying, water damage restoration, drying sub-floor, wood, and hard flooring, air purification, odor control, and treatment and storm and flood restoration. The company also offers drying equipment for hire.

The water damage expert team also advises people on things to do in their homes when there is water damage. The best approach is to stop any water leakages if possible, move electrical items from the wet areas, keep off the wet areas and move important documents to a dry area and take photographs of the water damage. It is also advisable to call Flood Services immediately to get a quick solution.

Flood Services Sunshine Coast is available to clients 24/7. “We work with all the prominent insurance companies in Australia. We are determined to give the best service possible, so we offer to assist in handling claim processes. We can communicate with these insurance companies to ensure a smooth and timely claim.”

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