WeldKing Introduces Industry Leading Welders and Plasma Cutters

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WeldKing Introduces Industry Leading Welders and Plasma Cutters

September 12
17:44 2022

WeldKing is proud to introduce its industry-leading welders and plasma cutters. These machines have been thoroughly tested to provide robust and precise welds consistently without the price tag of other welding machines. 

With a service warranty that is second to none, WeldKing is committed to providing quality welding products at an affordable price. Products include Stick, Tig, Plasma cutting, Mig, and Multi-process welders. 

MIG welder for sale | ARC welder for sale 

MIG welding, also known as gas metal arc welding, is a standard welding process that uses an electrode to create an electrical arc between the metal and the MIG wire. The MIG wire, which is also the electrode, melts and becomes part of the weld pool. 

MIG welding is commonly used for large and thick materials because it is much faster than TIG welding, resulting in shorter lead times and lower production costs. MIG welders are available for purchase from many online and offline retailers. When shopping for a MIG welder, compare features and prices to find the best deal.

TIG welder for sale | Plasma cutter for sale

TIG welding is a popular welding method that uses an arc between a non-consumable tungsten electrode and the metal being welded. TIG welding is often used for applications where aesthetics are essential, such as in the aviation and aerospace industries.

TIG welding is also used for welding thin materials and unique materials such as titanium. TIG welders are available for purchase from welding supply stores.

Aluminum welder

Aluminum welding has come a long way in recent years, and WeldKing is at the forefront of this technology. Their aluminum welders are used throughout Canada by authorized distributors and service locations. 

The three-year warranty includes all parts and labor so that people can buy confidently. In addition, weldKing products are reliable and easy to use, making them the perfect choice for all welding needs. Whether a professional welder or a hobbyist, WeldKing has the right product. 

Final Thought 

WeldKing is the welding machine and service lifecycle management company that developed its cloud-based PLM system to track and share all information across Canada’s manufacturers, distributors, service centers, and end users. 

This industrial leading PLM software is designed specifically for welding equipment, provides a long-lasting commitment to quality and reliability, and offers buyers a peace of mind they can count on. If someone is looking for a reliable welding machine or service lifecycle management provider, WeldKing should be the go-to choice.

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