Cristina Gomez: Highlighting Strange Paradigms In Fringe Science And The Paranormal

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Cristina Gomez: Highlighting Strange Paradigms In Fringe Science And The Paranormal

August 17
19:27 2022
The world as we know it and our understanding of the greater Universe has gradually changed over the decades. Strange Paradigms engages in lively discussions and debates every week on Fringe science, the paranormal, and mysteries of the Universe.

Damascus, OR, United States – With increased sightings of UFOs and government disclosures dominating the global tabloids, Strange Paradigms gives credence to Fringe science and all things paranormal with reputable guests like esteemed Harvard Professor Avi Loeb and Luis Elizondo, the former Director of the US government’s AATIP UFO project appearing weekly on the show. Strange Paradigms seeks to answer viewers’ burning questions on the mysteries of the Universe. 

Strange Paradigms is just one of several shows produced and hosted by Cristina Gomez, who wears many hats. As a full-time college student, content creator and podcaster, 23-year old Cristina curates years of research along with ‘a genuine and passionate curiosity’ to Strange Paradigms by ‘bringing a Young Voice to a Young Generation about the Biggest Mysteries of All Time’.

In Cristina’s own words, she wants answers about the world around her. “…Many of these mysteries seem to offer tantalizing glimpses of a world where Humanity can realize it’s part of a greater Universe, and a greater Consciousness. Imagine how we could unite as a species, doing away with petty squabbles over land, race, and religion, if we knew that we were just one of an endless amount of Civilizations throughout the Cosmos…”

While the Strange Paradigms show focuses on weekly strange, paranormal, and UFO news items, Cristina journals her own voyage of discovery through an interview show called ‘Shifting the Paradigm’, and a topical discussion show called Mysteries with a History.

About Strange Paradigms:

Strange Paradigms is a new weekly show and an extension of the popular radio show ‘Shifting The Paradigm’, which are both hosted by Cristina Gomez. Strange Paradigms airs at 3:00pm PST on Fridays, and covers fringe science and paranormal news items from around the world. Shifting The Paradigm airs at 5:30pm PST on Tuesdays and recently welcomed renowned guests like Brandon Fugal, the owner of ‘Skinwalker Ranch’, and former Navajo Ranger Jonathan Dover who also appeared in the most recent season of ‘Secret of Skinwalker Ranch’. Shifting The Paradigm also airs on KUNX Talk Radio & Affiliates, Paranormal Radio and Talk Stream Live.

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