Gritslim Nutrition announced its recent expansion to collaborate with companies and organisations for promoting optimal health and healthy staff

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Gritslim Nutrition announced its recent expansion to collaborate with companies and organisations for promoting optimal health and healthy staff

August 17
15:10 2022
Gritslim Nutrition announced its recent expansion to collaborate with companies and organisations for promoting optimal health and healthy staff

San Diego, California – August 17, 2022 – The founder, Sandra Ndangha of The Grit Empire LLC recently launched a new company division, Grit Corporate, which provides nutritional counselling and coaching to organisations and companies. The company has plans to expand into Canada and Europe by securing distributors who carry their products and introducing people to their nutrition programs.

Started as a nutrition and weight loss program, called GritSlim, Sandra led the company to provide comprehensive health and wellness support by offering detox teas derived from natural herbs that work on cleansing and detoxifying the system. GritSlim Nutrition runs a variety of programs which includes:

– Postpartum program: This is designed for new moms looking to safely shed postpartum weight without affecting the quality or quantity of breastmilk (for those breastfeeding).

– General weight loss program: Aids with sustainable and healthy weight loss and to move towards optimal health

– The flat tummy: This program is designed to help reduce waistline and belly fat by providing meal plans, routines, daily coaching and evidence-based practices backed by science on how to burn belly fat.

– Grit Corporate program: The program is meant for organisations, companies and corporations looking for group nutritional counselling and coaching for their staff which works on improving the productivity and creativity of the employees

“We have been extremely precise with our ingredients to make sure our products are safe and effective. There’s a very common misconception about healthy food and diet programs. People often feel they have to sacrifice taste for health. However, we want people to know that there are so many healthier yet tastier options for them to nourish their bodies,” says Sandra.

The company has been excelling in the Nutrition program in the market with personalised plans that work toward losing weight, improving health and attaining optimal fitness. Grit Corporate aims to share knowledge with organisations and companies while providing tips, customised workplace plans and more to help with individual goals while enhancing the overall health of employees and the organisation’s productivity. The company’s success is based on the personalisation of its plans to fit each client’s needs – there are no shakes or pills, instead, people eat their own food.

It’s important for the founder, Sandra, to leverage her own story and experience to elucidate to people the health benefits that come with the right nutrition. The idea of GritSlim was born out of a personal struggle with postpartum weight and postpartum depression. Forced to go to nutrition school to find the solutions for her, Sandra unlocked answers to better mental and physical health in nutrition.

The community was created on the principle that the science behind nutrition is often unaddressed and ignored and that people should have access to sustainable ways to improve their lives. “It’s important for people to know that there are meal plans, recipes, and tips that are built individually for them. It can make life easier for people to follow the program and see success without dealing with food sacrifices.”

The corporate side of the business was created to help with weight loss in the workplace, as well as provide educational opportunities to employees about nutrition and how it can help them in their everyday lives.

After years of being in business, the company has expanded to five different countries (Cameroon, Ghana, Canada, United Kingdom and Togo), helped 5000+ people to help lose weight, and manage illnesses and has partnered extensively, while planning to continue its expansion by securing distributors in new countries and introducing people to the nutrition programs. Sandra is also introducing certification programs for nutritionists and weight loss specialists, in the process of launching a comprehensive health guide to sustainable weight loss, called ‘Healthy Living Simplified’ and continuing to work on knowledge transfer so more people can learn about the importance of nutrition.

About Sandra Ndangha

Sandra Ndangha is the founder of The Grit Empire LLC, a health and wellness company specialising in nutrition customised programs for weight loss and better health. She put together a team of like-minded individuals and created Grit Corporate, with the goal of making healthy living simple and easy for workplaces. Her company has been operational for numerous years, and in that time, has partnered with several organisations and is on a mission to help as many people as possible lose weight, live healthier lives and achieve their wellness goals.


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