Double-A Chain Launches the World’s First Crypto World “Centurion” – AAC PASS

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Double-A Chain Launches the World’s First Crypto World “Centurion” – AAC PASS

August 08
18:36 2022

The Layer 2 mainnet Double-A Chain announced the official launch of AAC PASS, the world’s first “Centurion” PASS in the cryptoworld. It will be officially launched at 09:00 UTC on August 8, with 50 PASS on sale in the first phase. Reservation is already open.It is reported that AAC PASS is a genesis NFT issued by the Double-A Chain, of which the total number of Country PASS issuance is only 197, and can only be purchased by getting the whitelist through reservation. Holding Country PASS can enjoy many major benefits including staking rewards, unlimited airdrops of NFT mystery boxes, and equal share of iNFTspace platform transaction fees.


Appointment page:

AAC PASS, the world’s top status symbol in crypto world

AAC PASS is divided into Country PASS and City PASS. Each of Country PASS represents a country, a culture, and a language, which together form an indispensable part of the world map. The value of AAC PASS lies in condensing new consensus ideas, to achieve decentralization of rights and interests through AAC PASS, and jointly promote the development of the new generation of Web3 underlying facilities – Double-A Chain (AAC).

Country PASS holders in AAC PASS can join the “Centurion Club”, join club activities from time to time, gather top resources, expand top contacts, and find top wealth opportunities. Country PASS has become a top status symbol in the crypto world.

Appointment page:

Country PASS is divided into four levels, which are sold in the form of mystery boxes, and users can obtain them randomly.

The first combination of Token pledge and NFT PASS, the reward is certain and generous

Country PASS in AAC PASS does not need to spend tokens to mint, nor is it obtained by airdrop, but through staking 10 million AAC, draw mystery boxes on the iNFTspace platform, and get random level of it. Users who hold Country PASS can get staking rewards ranging from 30% to 50% according to different levels, and there is also a reward rate increase mechanism. The Country PASS staking reward model guarantees the holder’s coin-based stable reward, which is not like the uncertainty of other NFTs that rely on their own appreciation to obtain benefits.

Unlimited mystery box airdrop, iNFTspace transaction fee is equally divided

In addition to the certain staking rewards, holders of Country PASS in AAC PASS can also receive NFT mystery box airdrop rewards issued on the Double-A Chain chain, and each set of NFT is not less than one. This means that as long as the NFT blind box is issued on the Double-A Chain chain, Country PASS holders can get more than one, with no upper limit. Since Country PASS holders can get airdrops of different NFT projects, this will greatly improve the chances of obtaining blue chips in the future, instead of relying only on a certain NFT project.

In addition, holders of Country PASS can also share 30% of the transaction fees on the Double-A Chain on the inftspace platform, which is another reward with great potential. With the continuous development of iNFTspace in the future, each AAC PASS holder can also share a very considerable platform fee.

iNFTspace is a global NFT trading platform deployed on Double-A Chain. Users can mint, display, trade, and auction on the platform to help creators achieve greater marketization. Since iNFTspace will support the exchange of fiat currencies in more than 50 countries such as U.S., Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Canada, Hongkong, Indonesia, Japan, etc., it is bound to attract more global users to trade NFTs on the platform in the future, bringing more transaction procedures to the platform. At the same time, AAC PASS holders will also receive more fee income.

Therefore, AAC PASS aggregates the dual benefits of the public chain and the trading platform. In addition to giving holders a certain AAC pledge reward, it also gives them a share of iNFTspace platform transaction fees and almost unlimited NFT blind box airdrop income. This mechanism breaks the model of NFTs on the market that only rely on their own storytelling to increase value, and improve the income for holders.

AAC PASS is backed by the Double-A Chain ecosystem

Double-A Chain (AAC for short) is a low-cost, high-performance Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain network. It adopts the PoSA consensus mechanism combining PoA+Dpos, and is jointly governed by verification nodes and the community. AAC uses AAC rollup, and the transaction is written into the Ethereum main chain as calldata, which further optimizes the network by reducing the gas cost. Depending on the transaction, AAC rollups can provide 10-100x scalability improvements.

Double-A Chain aims to empower Metaverse and Web3.0, promote the rapid implementation and sustainable development of Gamefi, NFT and other application scenarios, and provide high-performance underlying facilities and solutions for the application development and ecological construction of Metaverse and Web3. At present, many applications such as iNFTspace, Linkswap, Bridge, GameFi, SocialFi, E-commerce, Loan and so on have been deployed on Double-A Chain.

New mechanism will be launched in the future

It is understood that with the continuous development of AAC PASS, Country PASS will provide more new gameplay in the future. It has been determined that City PASS airdrops will be provided for Country PASS holders, and City PASS can increase the staking reward rate for National PASS. In the future, AAC PASS may grant access to the latest blue-chip private clubs, provide qualifications to participate in testing and projects outside the mining platform in advance, and even provide holders with access to the latest news and exposure to professional tools. In short, the resource advantage created by AAC PASS will be what users need.

On the other hand, AAC PASSS will be a tool for NFT project parties to sell expectations in advance. To a certain extent, AAC PASS will condense the resources of other NFT projects, conduct multi-party market cooperation, and help them launch their offspring NFTs, develop Metaverse, cooperate with IP, enter the physical industry, service industry, etc.

AAC PASS is bringing a brand new explosion to the NFT field, becoming the “Centurion” card of the NFT world.

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