SHzoom Unveils Uptime for Qualified Fleets at NAFA 2022 I&E at Columbus, Ohio Convention Center

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SHzoom Unveils Uptime for Qualified Fleets at NAFA 2022 I&E at Columbus, Ohio Convention Center

August 04
16:51 2022
SHzoom Unveils Uptime for Qualified Fleets at NAFA 2022 I&E at Columbus, Ohio Convention Center
SHzoom’s flagship fleet accident management system called Uptime is based on its patented technology and saves millions of dollars for fleet and risk managers.

Pittsburgh, PA, USA – SHzoom, an innovative venture based in Pittsburgh PA, showcased its flagship Fleet Accident Management System at a recently concluded NAFA 2022 I&E held at the Convention Center in Columbus, OH. SHzoom’s system called Uptime received rave reviews for the immense benefits it has shown to accrue for government and self-insured commercial fleets in search of innovative ways to manage crash-related downtime, costs, and risks.   

The highly-anticipated event witnessed the presence of government officials, industry powerhouses, experts, and influencers from across the United States and Canada. Also present at the event were several influential Fleet Directors and Fleet Division Chiefs, such as Al Curtis of Cobb County Government, Robert Gordon of DeKalb County Government, and Calvin Jones of Montgomery County Government. These distinguished public sector fleet leaders were also guest panelists during NAFA’s educational session on “Strategies for Finding and Retaining Qualified Techs” moderated by SHzoom’s Founder and CEO, Ingrid Cook Moravitz.

Following the educational session, a private LinkedIn group was created exclusively for NAFA I&E 2022 attendees interested in continuing the discussion and gaining valuable insights from industry experts.  Each quarter, the “Inspiring Fleet Professionals at NAFA” group holds a “Members-Only Virtual Coffee,” where members share valuable insights and best practices. These 30-minute virtual meetups are intended to inspire, recognize, and support the success of NAFA’s Fleet Managers. 

SHzoom is the brainchild of Ingrid Cook Moravitz – a 25+ year expert in the automotive insurance industry.  Ingrid invented the patented system for electronic vehicle estimating and repair management.  Her licensing and expertise in the Property & Casualty field provides Uptime with a competitive edge when it comes to understanding the complexity of auto losses from a risk, fleet, and technology perspective.  Uptime provides a fast and easy way to create a standardized digital record of post-accident events, obtain multiple competitive repair estimates in minutes, and track the status of repairs in real-time thus paving the way for reduced financial risks, decreased repair costs, and faster claims processing while minimizing vehicle downtime.

Pictured left to right, Colin Neller, Ingrid Cook Moravitz, and Elaine Jiang

Speaking about her experience at the conference, Ingrid said, “I had so much fun meeting new people and organizing Uptime’s exhibit booth with my amazing teammates, Elaine and Colin!  We never imagined there would be so many industry leaders waiting in line to demo our time-tested solution. We are grateful!”

Ingrid further explained, “Uptime is intended to address fleet and risk leaders’ most costly pain point: crash-related downtime.  Our proprietary platform is designed to minimize the time and expense associated with crash reporting and repairs while simultaneously increasing transparency and accountability among internal departments and third-party vendors.  In many organizations there appears to be a huge disconnect between the fleet and risk management departments. Our solution plays a significant role in filling this gap.”

Jamie Cooke, COO, Montgomery County Maryland

“The scope of our operation included a diverse fleet of more than 3,600 vehicles located at four major maintenance locations within the County. We received stellar results with Uptime including a 47% reduction in crash-related downtime, a 24% reduction in operational costs, and increased equitable distribution of repair work among diverse repair vendors in the county.” -Jamie Cooke, COO, Montgomery County Maryland.

SHzoom is unique in the sense that it intentionally reaches out to independently owned repair shops with strong reputations in their community to join Uptime’s Network of Repair Shops.  SHzoom aims to keep small and diverse shop owners in a position to compete against the larger MSOs (Multi-Shop Owners). In fact, the Uptime system has built-in reporting mechanisms allowing procurement managers to see what percentage of the repair spend is going to small and diverse businesses located in the communities in which they serve.

SHzoom’s CEO said, “We believe when small and diverse businesses in the community grow, it is not only a win for the business owner, but it is also a win for local governments looking to increase job creation and build stronger ties in their community.” 

SHzoom takes pride in holding the oldest patent on photo estimating and electronic repair management.  Over the years, the company has refined its technology to evolve into a more complex, cloud-based solution, and has also added more patents to its name.  Based on SHzoom’s “Snap A Pic, Get A Quote” system, Uptime offers the ability to securely download everything an organization needs from a crash scene to produce valuable reports and predictive analytics.

The team at SHzoom comprises creative minds and industry experts who have collaborated and worked hard to create this unique solution. With visionary and dedicated management at the top, the company has set a gold standard for innovation, reliability, and efficiency in the fleet industry.

About SHzoom

SHzoom is a technology company offering a government and self-insured fleet-focused platform designed to streamline crash reporting, processing, and repairs.  Based in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, the company holds the oldest patent on photo estimating and automated repair management.

SHzoom’s latest technology, Uptime, was developed using collaborative feedback from SHzoom’s innovative partners in the public sector.  If you wish to learn more about how their patented technology can reduce your annual crash repair costs, improve your repair cycle-time, and assist your organization in reaching its supplier diversity goals, schedule a meeting with SHzoom by sending an email to [email protected] or stay connected by subscribing to SHzoom’s Monthly Minute.

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