‘World Works, Oujiang banquet’ Debuted on Nasdaq, welcome Wenzhou people back home

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‘World Works, Oujiang banquet’ Debuted on Nasdaq, welcome Wenzhou people back home

July 27
01:09 2022

At the New York Times Square, known as the “crossroads of the world”

A glorious video highlighting the prosperity of Wenzhou and the brilliance of Oujiang River

Recently, it made a stunning appearance on Nasdaq’s “world’s first screen”

In this global business circle with an average daily passenger flow of 100000 people

Jiang Native Residence, a private collection of The BestView’s Riverside works, came for the world

Let the world witness the charm of Wenzhou and pay tribute to every Wenzhou person who influenced the world


Times Square, New York

Wenzhou in the world, the world’s Wenshang, Wenzhou’s power shining in the world

In New York, Wenzhou people have reached more than 100000 people. From Manhattan ‘s Port of China to the Queen’s District of Farad. Large supermarkets, gift shops and restaurants opened by Wenzhou people can be seen everywhere. The influence of Wenzhou people in New York is self-evident.



Wenzhou has been an important node of the maritime Silk Road since ancient times. During the Southern Song Dynasty, it was China’s “first port”.

At present, Wenzhou has about 700,000 people in 131 countries and regions across the world, among which about 380,000 Wenzhou people gathered around 57 countries along the “the Belt and Road” and are active on the world stage.

According to the 2022 Hurun global rich list, Wen Shang, a “global” billionaire, accounted for 31 seats, and a total of 20 Wen Shang with a fortune of more than 10billion yuan were listed on the list. Wen Shang has long been among the top ranks of the rich list. As “Oujiang Jiaozi”, they also need a Wenzhou cover and a riverside mansion with the world’s same river bank.

The 800 mile Oujiang magnificent one kilometer, the same view with the world

Manhattan square No. 1 on the East River in New York, Tower Bridge No. 1 on the Thames River, in London, and Tomson Yipin on the Huangpu River in Shanghai… Throughout every international metropolis, there is a thriving riverside business card, which has become the hot land for the growth of the first series of villas.

Overlooking the Oujiang River for 800 miles, the riverside CBD occupies a magnificent 1km riverside shoreline, and the International Convention and Exhibition Center, Wenzhou Fine Arts Museum, urban balcony, zhanyin building and other landmarks are connected into a piece, forming a CBD skyline that is comparable to the world’s river scenery. Wenzhou Lucheng District is adjacent to the south, but this riverside viewing residence is equipped with a front-line viewing platform. The sunshine, river scenery and city landscape are hidden in a window. Oujiang is the main seat, and there is no other seat.



Oujiang main seat, a world work, Hangzhou Jincheng Jiangzhu Indigenous Mansion only presents the Wenzhou spire people with 386 Jiang Jingzhen seats, and welcomes the Wenzhou people to return home with glory.

Oujiang future community in the first line of Nande

With a construction area of about 139-200 m2, the giant screen mansion was first launched globally

VIPLINE: +86057788997777

Address: Lucheng, Wenzhou, China [international future science and technology Island]

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