Camella makes buying properties online possible with its set of digital innovations

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Camella makes buying properties online possible with its set of digital innovations

July 25
22:24 2022
The world is changing but home is constant. Camella, the Philippines’ largest homebuilder, has made buying properties online possible with its numerous digital innovations.

In times when technology, especially the internet, is at its highest usage, having online services is the standard. As more industries expand their brick-and-mortar offerings to virtual pages, people wonder if the real estate industry would do the same. Could one really buy a house without leaving their home? With Camella, not only is it a possibility but a status quo of the brand’s daily operations.

Even before the pandemic, Camella has already started innovations in home buying like the AR3D app, an augmented reality technology that helps clients visualize their home options in real time. This, however, is only the top of the iceberg of Camella’s full range of online services to help buyers and homeowners. Camella has doubled its efforts at the height of COVID-19 to bring its services to online platforms. This way, buyers can complete every step of the home buying process without stepping outside their homes.

How does buying a property online work with Camella?

Buying a property from Camella online works just like a traditional process—only they are entirely on the internet this time. Below are digital portals buyers need in acquiring a Camella property.

Virtual Tour

The first thing buyers usually do when they want to purchase a product is check it in person. But with the travel restrictions at the height of the pandemic, this became almost impossible. However, digital innovations like virtual tours allowed buyers to visit individual properties as if they were walking around them in real life. For example, with Camella’s virtual tour, prospecting buyers can navigate inside each house and lots and condo units available.

Online Appointment Portal

For clients who need to show up in a Camella office, they can save time in appointments by booking themselves an appointment online. Through the appointment portal, they can secure their schedule and slot and fast-track their dealings on-site.

Online Tripping Portal

For those planning to visit one of Camella’s projects, they can book their tripping from any part of the country via the online portal. All they need to do is provide their personal information and their preferred project, date, and time for a visit.

Online Reservation Portal

Let us say a client has found their ideal Camella house and lot or condo. To make the initial reservation, all they need to do is go to Camella’s online reservation portal and provide the required details. Furthermore, the reservation portal also includes interactive maps where buyers can check the availability of other units. In addition, it also has a gallery of the available amenities with images that clients can browse.

Digital innovations for Camella’s business partners

With the rise of internet usage and preferences for online platforms, Camella also equips its marketing personnel and business partners with relevant digital tools.

Sellers’ Hub

The sellers’ hub is Camella’s all-in-one portal for all its business partners’ needs, from marketing collaterals to training schedules and more digital tools. Furthermore, the hub also grants marketing personnel and business partners exclusive access to project updates, promo materials, and leaderboards. 

Sellers’ Events Registration Portal

Camella’s sellers’ hub also includes a calendar of upcoming events from all across the world that anyone can join. The page updates all of Camella’s upcoming live roadshows, project features, promos, and partner events.

Within the sellers’ hub is a range of quick tools that are essential for marketing presentations, such as the following:

QR-Coded Pricelists

With Camella’s QR-coded pricelists, all the information clients and partners need from a project is just one scan away. Each Camella project has its unique QR code, which contains information about the house unit availability and their corresponding prices. Additionally, each house description also includes computations for the different financing methods for an easy look.

E-Learning Portal

Camella has also made online courses available on its sellers’ hub to further prepare its partners in the digital world. Its E-Learning corner includes tracks for getting to know the brand, the real estate market, and the world of digital marketing. Furthermore, each of these courses comes with a certificate that personnel and business partners can display on their profiles.

Camella believes that clients, homeowners, and partners should always have access to their needed information and tools, no matter the situation. That is without needing to show up physically on-site. As Camella makes its home in the digital realms, the developer also makes its services more convenient, accessible, and secure.

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