Healthcare Workers Show Rapid Decline in Burnout in Just 3 Days with Healing Breaths’ Programs

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Healthcare Workers Show Rapid Decline in Burnout in Just 3 Days with Healing Breaths’ Programs

July 23
01:03 2022
New research corroborates the rapid positive impact Healing Breaths’ programs have on healthcare professionals facing burnout, anxiety, & depression.

In response to the US mental health crisis within the healthcare profession and the need to create change, Dr. Hemant Sharma and Dr. Christiane Corriveau from Children’s National Hospital conducted an independent study into the techniques provided by Healing Breaths—an organization dedicated to providing evidence-based programs to improve the well-being and resilience of healthcare professionals and leaders. The research resulted in significant findings. In just three days of undertaking the Healing Breaths’ SKY program, healthcare workers showed rapid declines in burnout and significant improvements in anxiety and depression—where previously they had shown clinically significant levels of both.

Turning the Mental Health Crisis Around

Today, stress and mental health issues are significant challenges among healthcare workers, leading to increased sickness levels and recruitment and retention difficulties. Furthermore, suicide ideation among nurses and doctors is also on the rise, currently at a rate of 5.5% in nurses and 10% in physicians.

Evidence-based programs from Healing Breaths are vital—they address burnout issues, improve clinicians’ mental health and well-being and promote a culture of wellness in healthcare institutions. On May 20, the National Academy of Medicine Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience released a draft National Plan for Health Workforce Well-Being which emphasizes the importance of supporting mental health and establishing well-being as a long-term value to decrease health worker burnout and improve wellness. Healing Breaths is an organization that provides exactly that.

Healing Breaths’ Evidence-Based Techniques Show Significant Results

A core feature of the Healing Breaths programs is a breath-based stress reduction technique called SKY Breath Meditation. Practiced by millions worldwide and extensively researched over the last decade in over 100 independent studies published in peer-review journals—the Children’s National Hospital pilot study corroborates the research findings on SKY and further supports the work of Healing Breaths. In fact, to date, over 300 staff at Children’s National Hospital have participated in the programs. And since 2016, over 5,000 healthcare professionals across the U.S have benefited too.

Research demonstrates that SKY results in:
• 27% increase in resilience to Covid-19 stress
• 57% reduction in the stress hormone, serum cortisol, in two weeks
• 21% increase in life satisfaction within one week
• 47% reduction in anxiety
• 33% increase in immune cell count within six weeks
• 218% increase in REM sleep

“This course has been really exceptional,” said Dominique Charlot-Swilley, Ph.D. of Children’s Health Center. “We talk about burnout, compassion fatigue, secondary traumatic stress, and this allows us to gain tools in combating these issues.”

Dr. Robert McGregor, Chief Medical Officer of Akron Children’s Hospital, also shared his thoughts after taking the course. “[After the course] I was feeling better than my baseline, I was able to cut my blood pressure meds by a third.”

To discover more about how Healing Breaths can help staff and organizations heal from stressful situations and bring the joy of healthcare back to hospitals and clinics, visit their new website at To arrange a consultation, call 628.280.6527 or email [email protected]

Healing Breaths works with individual healthcare workers, healthcare organizations, associations, and insurance companies.

About Healing Breaths

Healing Breaths is a division of the Art of Living Foundation (AOLF), a non-profit, educational, and humanitarian organization and a United Nations Non-Governmental Organization operating in over 150 countries. All of AOLF’s programs are inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s philosophy of creating world peace through a stress-free and violence-free society. Healing Breaths’ mission is “to nourish and energize healthcare professionals with self-care programs that strengthen resilience and restore a sense of purpose and community.” Since 2016, over 5,000 healthcare professionals across the U.S benefited from the Healing Breaths programs designed especially for healthcare workers. In addition, AOLF has touched over 400 million lives through numerous educational and self-development programs and tools that facilitate the reduction of stress and foster deep and profound inner peace, happiness, and well-being for individuals.

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