Project 30: The lifestyle challenge from the creators of BlockFit

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Project 30: The lifestyle challenge from the creators of BlockFit

July 04
14:54 2022

BlockFit, known as a health and fitness NFT platform built around the concept of Train-2-Earn, is proud to present their new challenge: Project 30. BlockFit’s Founders say, “Project 30 is designed to enrich the lives of those who follow the program in its dedication to building a routine and healthy lifestyle set to last beyond the required 30 days of participation”. Project 30 is to be a catalyst for the new you. No matter what your fitness level may be, Project 30 can be tailored to individuals needs and goals to implement personalized and effective change.

The Project 30 Rules:

Rule 1 : Wake up at the same time everyday. Sleep for 6+ hours and try to maintain a consistent bedtime routine. Make this rule fit to your life style and individual needs.

Rule 2 : Do your morning routine. Dedicate 1 hour to no distractions; this means no phone and no social media. If you have enough time, why not try meditate, go for a walk, or simply deep-think and mentally prepare for the day ahead.

Rule 3 : Exercise for 45 minutes a day. Exercise on your fitness level. This could be done through walking, stretching, running, yoga, riding your bike, going to the gym, etc… the possibilities are endless.

Rule 4 : Read 15 pages a day. Read motivational, psychological or business-related books; educational books also count. The goal is to learn from and engage with what you are reading.

Rule 5 : Reflect on today and prepare for tomorrow. Prepare goals and anticipated skills before the challenge starts (prep-phase). No distractions and high concentration.

Rule 6 : Follow a healthy diet. Follow a diet of your choice. No alcohol, no soft drinks, and generally less sugar. Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water per day.

General Project 30 Rule : If you fail on any of the 30 days, start over at day 1. Repeat until finished.

The rules of Project 30 are in place for followers of the program to create a healthy and active routine. This routine targets health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness and well as promoting a healthy mindset. Followers will not only see a difference in their physical fitness and body but also their mental health and general wellbeing, implementing long term and all-round positive change in their dedication to the project.

Although the program does include a fitness component, its aim is to target much more than just the physical. The project is centered on self-improvement, a core value of the BlockFit ecosystem, with change expected in every aspect on the followers life – from nutrition, to education, and even commitment, Project 30 is for those dedicated to bettering their wellness and lives. Having routine in place is known to promote a healthier lifestyle in is reduction of stress, promoting better quality of sleep, better health, as well as being an effective way to kick-start your life and reach fitness goals.

BlockFit’s valuesBlockFit is a brand looking to revolutionize the health and fitness sector with the world’s first train to earn platform. With BlockFit, the traditional pay to train model is reversed, BlockFit allows users to earn cryptocurrency rewards for partaking in activities within the BlockFit ecosystem. Within the vast BlockFit ecosystem, users have the ability to reach their personal health and fitness goals, take part in specialist courses, all while earning cryptocurrency. BlockFit draws on the potential of Web3.0 to offer a space where those who value their fitness and self-improvement can come together and form a community dedicated to the enrichment of their lives through a focus on health and wellness.

To learn more about Project 30 and the BlockFit ecosystem, visit their Twitter.

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