Lymphatic Massage Boston by Dandelion Massage Boston Mitigates Discomfort and Quickens Healing After Cosmetic Surgery and Lymphadenectomy

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Lymphatic Massage Boston by Dandelion Massage Boston Mitigates Discomfort and Quickens Healing After Cosmetic Surgery and Lymphadenectomy

January 13
21:15 2022
Dandelion Massage Boston reduces excessive swelling after cosmetic surgery through lymphatic drainage massage. The non-intrusive, gently performed procedure allows patients to recover from breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and other procedures in weeks instead of months.

According to announcements released by Dandelion Massage Boston and Milan Baudelaire, this lymphatic massage Boston center is the only place in the city that specializes in post-op manual Lymphatic Drainage massage. This procedure is availed by patients recovering from liposuction, breast enhancements, butt lift, or lymphadenectomy.

Dandelion Massage Boston brings down swelling in the face, abdomen, or other parts of the body where cosmetic surgery has been performed. Through post-op massage Boston, the clinic accelerates healing and reduces pain. Clients can avail surgery-specific packages for best results.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage can also reduce swelling in areas where lymph nodes have been removed. This is a non-intrusive technique through which the therapist mitigates swelling by directing fluid to the healthy lymph nodes of the body.

After lymphadenectomy, one’s limbs feel heavy, and a feeling of discomfort pervades because of pitting edema. Natural movements become cumbersome to execute. Lymphatic drainage massage done twice a month releases the pressure due to fluid buildup and eases discomfort.

Manual lymphatic massage as done by the expert practitioner at Dandelion Massage Boston is characterized by light, flowing strokes in patterns that minimize lymphedema. The massage must be executed with just the right amount of gentle pressure to get the fluids moving. This is not a deep tissue massage. The procedure is a gentle one and does not hurt. Lymphatic massage does not force fluids out of the body; it is safe. Even those who’ve not undergone surgery can benefit from this massage.

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Milan Baudelaire of Dandelion Massage Boston said, “For many people, their first elective surgery can be scary! Whether it’s liposuction, a breast augmentation, or a Brazilian Butt Lift, patients can feel alone, anxious, and uncomfortable during the healing process. At Dandelion Massage Boston, we aim to guide you through your recovery by providing gentle, non-invasive Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage to help manage the swelling and discomfort that comes after cosmetic surgery. Does your body drain the swelling naturally? Of course, it does, but who’s got time to wait months when it can be over within weeks?

Clients are back on their feet in weeks instead of months with the help of this hands-on, feather-light treatment, in addition to receiving advice and suggestions on best healing practices from certified lymphatic drainage practitioner Milan Baudelaire. 

Don’t be fooled by the shock-value videos on Instagram showing fluid being squeezed out of holes, weird ultrasound treatments, or painful deep tissue massages! Recovery doesn’t have to be complicated. We allow your body to eliminate swelling naturally by stimulating the lymph nodes to absorb the fluid and expel it through the urine. Our massage is so gentle that we encourage you to nap through it! Visit us to learn about package options and book your services online. Book your Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage today.”

About the Company:

Dandelion Massage Boston is the only specialized provider of lymphatic drainage massage in Boston. The techniques used at this clinic have been perfected through rigorous training and education. Clients can choose between single sessions and package options to ease swelling and discomfort around excised lymph nodes.

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