Why did this famous couple ‘Prasika’ go Child Free?

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Why did this famous couple ‘Prasika’ go Child Free?

January 13
14:42 2022
Why did this famous couple 'Prasika' go Child Free?

Our society always had its own biases and challenges, to the point where a lot of people often end up being judged for their actions & now because of social media it is happening more than ever. This is what happened to Prasad and Deepika, a famous couple that is widely known as Prasika on social media. They are very popular in the online world as they bring in a wide array of entertaining content. However, they are constantly questioned by their audiences regarding their decision to go child-free.

Why did Prasika think being child-free is a good idea?

Despite the fact that some label Prasika selfish, the couple states that going child free is a very difficult & important choice for them. Instead of having their own children, the couple thinks it’s their responsibility to try and take care of as many orphan girls as they can.  This has become their priority and they have already adopted the financial responsibility of 4 girls at the time of this writing. They are actually looking to adopt the financial responsibility of even more orphans, thus offering them education and a great life. Their aim is to adopt the financial responsibility of 100 orphan girls. They claim that they planned to go child free not because they dislike kids but because they love children too much.

Using social media as a tool the couple has started a multitude of different businesses that would help provide financial support in fulfilling their unique dreams. Consumer awareness, Blood donation’s on Birthdays, Donations for cancer research, Rain water harvesting awareness are some of the initiatives which this viral couple is well known for. They have developed multiple intellectual properties along side their digital properties. They have even created their own clothing brand that’s named ‘Zidd’ which has a unique T-shirt called ‘Black Blood’, proceeds of which are contributed for cancer research. They are associated with many national and international brands providing them social media marketing services via their digital handles. This couple is planning to use all its acquired fame to showcase the importance of helping others. They deeply believe in being the change they want to see around them.

“Having a loaded gun does not mean you go and start shooting people, similarly being equipped does not give me the right to make a wrong choice. Our country is exploding with people and frankly the last thing our nation wants today are more people,” claims Prasad. Deepika who is constantly judged based on this one particular thing feels that her real struggle, sacrifices and achievements have been neglected by our judgmental society. She claims that it is high time that motherhood is seen as a choice and not as a social obligation.” They say blood is thicker than water, “My husband has created a family via the internet and I bet that our family’s bond is way thicker than blood, we call it our ‘UICFamily’. People don’t see others as their own, that is where the longing for your own begins,” said Deepika.

Is their decision controversial?

India is a country which is deeply embedded socially in its own complex ways and some regions with less than modern beliefs. So the idea of going voluntarily child-free is definitely something less than common for such a society. However, this is a very wise choice, because it sheds some light on a mammoths issue of population explosion in India. Thankfully, couples like Prasika show that life can be turned around for the less fortunate, and this is definitely one of the approaches more people should think about at this time.

‘Just thinking about ourselves and our selfish needs seems to be the prominent issue today, we need to expand our horizons and see the bigger picture. If we offer support to those that have a less than fortunate life, things would be so much better’ claims prasika. So yes, Prasika is anything but a selfish couple rather this world can be a much better place if we get to see more such empathetic couples. Putting other people’s needs and wishes in front of our own is not something we come across often, this couples idea to go child-free is not only great, but also a responsible one.

Sacrificing parenthood, specially motherhood when you are very much capable & successful requires courage. In a country where relatives are constantly bugging newly married couples with their favorite question of when will we get the ‘Good News?’, having responsible couples like ‘Prasika’ seems to be the Real good news for our country. The couple does not aim on inspiring anyone rather they dont even speak about their bold decision but still we have observed their comments being flooded with judgments. Its far from being a controversial decision and rather we feel that it is their personal choice which if not appreciated definitely deserves to be respected.

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