David Jaffee Of BestStockStrategy.com Offers Training On Profitable Options Trading Strategy

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David Jaffee Of BestStockStrategy.com Offers Training On Profitable Options Trading Strategy

January 06
21:18 2022
David Jaffee Of BestStockStrategy.com Offers Training On Profitable Options Trading Strategy
The phenomenal Options trading coach reveals the secrets to the best and safest Options trading strategy, which will help new and existing traders win up to 98% of their trades while mitigating risks

January 6th, 2022 – Seasoned Options trader and trading coach, David Jaffee, is delighted to announce that new and existing traders who require guidance and assistance with their Options trading strategy can subscribe to his membership plan for unfettered access to a unique strategy where traders can win up to 98% of their trades. 

David Jaffee, who is the founder of BestStockStrategy.com, runs an online Options trading program through which he coaches members on proven trade strategies, to help them increase their earnings while mitigating risks. 

The Options trading expert reportedly won almost 100% of the trades he made in 2021. According to available data on his trades which can be viewed by clicking https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVXSt3Xvq2bRc0PQVFkILvuneaKeUUbW8, all of David Jaffee’s trades for last year were successful, except for two losers which he is currently holding and believes will turn profitable in the first quarter of 2022.

Giving some insight on his unique approach, David revealed that he sells options while focusing on risk mitigation. According to him, selling options is the surest way for traders to realize a high win rate. The actual volatility is usually less than the expected volatility, which makes options overpriced – and by selling them, traders can profit in a similar manner as insurance companies and casinos.

“Selling options is a great way to win almost all your trades. Successful options traders are disciplined and patient, while also leaving enough available buying power to ensure that they can profit from market pullbacks.” – David Jaffee.

Through his website, David Jaffee has taught over 1500 students and boasts that his options trades rarely get challenged, but are instead closed early for a profit. Last year, only 10 of David’s trades were challenged. And of those 10, all the challenged trades eventually turned profitable except for PYPL and Z, which, as of January 1, 2022 are small losing trades.

BestStockStrategy.com options trade alerts students target a monthly return of 3%. During periods when the VIX is high, these returns can be higher, and during periods when the VIX is low, the returns are lower.

The exceptional coach has received rave reviews from real students who describe joining his membership class as one of the best investment decisions they’ve made.

“There is no magic. Instead, I get the sense that David Jaffee is extremely disciplined and knowledgeable about options prices and how market movement affects prices,” reports one student.

“Joining this membership class was the best decision I made last year. So far it’s been rosy and I’m fully confident that this year will produce even greater rewards,” adds another student.

BestStockStrategy.com is the best bet for insightful knowledge on high probability trading systems where one can be consistently profitable and mitigate portfolio volatility. Interested persons can visit the website and subscribe to the 7 Day Trial of David Jaffee’s option trade alerts, after which those satisfied with the experience can proceed to choose the monthly membership plan.

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