Coding Bootcamp Graduate Shares Her Inspiring Success Story

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Coding Bootcamp Graduate Shares Her Inspiring Success Story

January 06
08:10 2022
Coding Bootcamp Graduate Shares Her Inspiring Success Story
Melissa Hargis is a graduate of the Sabio Coding Bootcamp and has become a successful Senior Software Engineer for Upstart. She shares her interesting story and praises the comprehensive coding curriculum at Sabio.

After maxing out on her position as a teacher at a university, Melissa Hargis decided she wanted to keep developing her skills and pursue a career that offered more growth and opportunity. Rather than spending four years pursuing a Computer Science degree, Hargis was able to find a highly reputable coding bootcamp at Sabio. Sabio has been training software engineers since 2013 with their comprehensive coding bootcamp curriculum. Sabio also has a great global network of mentors and Sabio alumni who are entrepreneurs, product managers, and developers. Sabio’s curriculum is for everyone, as they offer flexible schedules, preferred payments, and veteran funding. Their goal is to broaden the accessibility of tech education and job opportunities for all who wish to pursue a career in coding. 

From day one, Hargis knew that she had made the right choice. She was not only enjoying Sabio’s program, but also learning very hands-on with real career applications. Hargis says, “Right from the beginning, we were learning by doing, and we were doing the things that you would actually do in your job. I know that now because I am on the job.” Hargis praises the instructors and how dedicated and available they were in the instruction process. From the start of the program, one of Sabio’s top priorities is to guide their students in getting a job. Hargis was offered the job at her first interview, so she started her first software engineering job three weeks before she graduated from Sabio. 

Sabio gave Hargis the skills, knowledge, and confidence to obtain the job she wanted, and she is now a Senior Software Engineer at a company called Upstart. As a single mom, Hargis loves the flexibility of her job and the ability to work on what interests her. Hargis was then able to purchase a beautiful, large home on the beach in Hawaii. Her office is now a paradise with breathtaking views of the ocean, and she is able to give her daughter everything she could possibly need. 

With the education and training Hargis received at Sabio, she knows that she will always have not only a job, but a lucrative and fun job. Co-founder and CEO of Sabio, Liliana Monge, says, “We are excited to see Melissa Hargis thrive in tech for years post graduating from Sabio Coding Bootcamp. Her success story shows how someone can be exceptionally successful in tech without a computer science degree.” She adds, “Women who are looking for economic advancement should give tech a look as it holds the opportunity for financial independence.”


Sabio prides itself in helping others develop their technical careers. Sabio’s diverse team of instructors and software engineers is dedicated to students’ success and will go above and beyond to help those students achieve thier goals. Whether it is just starting coding or wanting to learn some new skills, Sabio is the right place. The community of Sabio fellows is what makes it so great. When students need help, there are both instructors and hundreds of Sabio fellows who are standing by to help. There is no other community as dedicated and knowledgeable as Sabio’s anywhere else. Sabio has fellows all over the world, who work in many different positions across the tech industry. Sabio’s on-campus and remote bootcamps give students an opportunity to learn to code and pick up essential work skills that will prepare them for a fulfilling, exciting career, regardless of location. In a world where more and more companies are shifting to a remote setting, Sabio students will be ready to pursue their dream careers in tech. Sabio has been training software engineers since 2013 with a full stack coding bootcamp curriculum. Sabio alumni are now working at amazing companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Tesla, MedMen, and more.

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