BookDeal Becomes the Fastest-Growing Book Selling Platform Of 2021

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BookDeal Becomes the Fastest-Growing Book Selling Platform Of 2021

August 19
19:39 2021
BookDeal is the latest platform for selling used books online, ensuring an easy selling process, the highest offers, access to a vast network of book buyers, and guaranteed payments.

College is a time of challenge, growth, and self-discovery. It’s also expensive. With books costing hundreds of dollars each semester, students end up paying a lot for textbooks that will likely collect dust at the bottom of a bookshelf after graduation. While there are many conventional ways to sell used college textbooks, people rarely actually sell them since it is not as easy as it sounds. Without appropriate book descriptions and pictures, it can be hard to find buyers willing to pay a reasonable price.

Sellers have to slog through emails and long lists of people who want their books and handle all the deliveries and payment issues.  To counter these problems and offer a one-stop solution to used booksellers, BookDeal has emerged as an unprecedented platform that allows to sell college textbooks online in an easy and profitable way. When a seller lists their book on the site, BookDeal makes sure that they’ll get paid for it provided they follow the platform’s guidelines. In addition, they take care of every detail from shipping and customer service to payment processing, so sellers can focus on what matters: getting paid quickly and getting the highest offer.

Looking for reliable book-buying companies can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. BookDeal helps its sellers find the best buyer for their books, allowing them to spend less time searching websites. Uploading books in the platform’s database with a few clicks bring sellers in front of an extensive network of reliable buyers. The platform also allows sellers & buyers to interact with each other and seal the deal at the best price. In addition, BookDeal’s policies and processes have been tailor-made to ensure that buyers receive only authentic copies of textbooks — the site doesn’t tolerate sellers who try to do otherwise.

When selling on BookDeal, users can provide specific details about their copy of a book. To help complete these details, the website offers a feature that allows users to take pictures and upload them to verify that the book is the same as described. The photos will let buyers see what condition the book is in and help sellers show their proof of condition report. With this information, buyers and sellers can feel more secure in confirming a transaction with one another.

The process of selling on the platform is simplified to the maximum, making it one of the best and fastest growing portals to sell books online. BookDeal selling process is streamlined from entering the ISBN code (Bulk entering is also possible) and get it listed on the platform. When the seller receives the highest price, they must pack the book according to the guidelines mentioned on the website and ship it for free via the shipping label provided. The process is completed within five business days, and the sellers get paid through their preferred option from PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. If disputes happen between a seller and a buyer, BookDeal Guarantee protects sellers when they sell items that fulfill the selling guidelines.

For further information about BookDeal, visit the official website.

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